Hair Product Haul

Friday, August 01, 2008

I did a little replenishing of a couple products that I needed. I purchased 3 bottles of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. You're probably asking, "why so much?", well 1 is for my cooking ( I just love that wonderful Coconut aroma in my kitchen) , 1 is for my hair, 1 for my older sis back in TDOT. I am in LOVE with EVCO. PLUS, its wayyyyyyyyyy cheaper out here in North Carolina. I just had to take advantage of the pricing. I also got some Castor Oil to thicken up my hair some more and promote growth. I will be adding this to my DC. Got some more AtOne Botanical Reconstructor (awesome slip!!) and some hair accessories (scrunchies, stretchy headbands). I'm done for now - not.


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  1. I luv ATONE products.....they have an awesome detangling conditioner.

    I add castor oil to my daily moisturizers as well.....

  2. where did you purchase these? I would love tho use these products but I have no idea where I can purchase Coconut oil and Castor oil.

  3. @ Laughing808 - Girl I feel you on that...AtOne is the bomb!

    @ Anonymous - I purchased the Extra virgin coconut oil and Castor Oil from the Vitamin Shoppe. Check'em out!! =]

  4. Oh, I see we're both in NC!

    And yessss, EVCO is just DIVINE! Thanks for the tip about the plastic!

    And I actually haven't used the lemon juice yet :[, but LHCF says it's a natural lightener.

    Great blog, and thanks for all the comments! I'll definitely be visiting regularly!

  5. hey girl, great haul. I love coconut oil. I'm adding your link to my bog as well.

  6. @ Kelle - Your welcome hun! thanks for the heads up on the lemon juice...never knew. keep in touch!

    @ Lorraine - Heyyyy...Thanks for the luv.