Jessicurl Event At HoneyFig

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last week I attended the Jessicurl "Meet & Greet"event at HoneyFig in Toronto. I had a blast! The event was packed with product reviews, product demonstrations, hair discussions, fun, and a lot of laughter! We were in a nice intimate setting, maybe 15-20 people in total. I'm so happy I went, especially since my decision to go was so last minute. I met ladies with gorgeous kinks and curls. They were extremely nice and approachable too. It felt real good talking about hair face-to-face rather than over the internet (don't get me wrong, I love talking to my ladies over the net's just more fun in person ☺), it was like a sisterhood. I had the pleasure of reuniting with the owner of HoneyFig and spending time with her lovely sales reps (I'm coming back again just to visit you guys..LOL).

Overall, the event really opened up my eyes on this particular product hair line. I learned a lot about Jessicurl and what it can do for afro kinky hair. Yes, the owner is Caucasian, I know that can be an issue for some when it comes to product usage, but she really targets all curly hair types i.e. those with type 2 hair -type 4 hair. Based on her knowledge and what she shared at the meeting, she understands our hair type and through her products she helps address those issues i.e. dryness, shrinkage etc. It really shocked me to see ladies with type 4 hair rave about her Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment (Read up on it here). It's rich in herbs, butters and THICK in consistency. I just may try it out in the near future...who knows! Well that's it, just wanted to share my outing....

Here are a few pictures I took of the event:

Jessicurl Product line

Jessica McGuinty, owner of Jessicurl.

Product demonstration


Some of the ladies at the event

Here are some of the products that caught my eye:


Shea Moisture

Curl Junkie


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  1. I love attending meet-and-greets. And the owner of JessiCurl was at the Curly Girl Rock event in Atlanta. Everyone said she's so nice!

  2. Yes she's extremely nice and down to earth. Very easy to talk to. It was really a pleasure meeting her.


  3. Her deep conditioning treatment is one of the best. The results are even better if used with heat or steam.

  4. Wow. Good to know. Thanks Andrea for the tip and mini review :)