Happy 2012 :)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

May all of your hair goals and aspirations come true this year. Stay strong and stay committed. I wish everyone a blessed and Happy New Year filled with positivity and love.

Happy New Year to you & your loved ones!


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  1. Happy New Year Sunshyne!!! I love your youtube channel and I just found it today. I just sent you a friend request on twitter because I really need to find a way to care for my hair again. I use to have thick hair and now I'm starting to lose it. Ever since I had my daughter who is now three years old, I hate going to the salon since she likes to touch everything. I had a cousin of mine who use to grease my scalp and now I don't have time for that anymore. I noticed that all around the edges of my hair is now gone and the thickness to my hair is gone. My hair only grows to one lenght and stops. I really need your help cause I want my hair back to how I had it. Now reading you blog, is it for natural hair, permed hair or both?

  2. Hellooo Sunshyne.

    I am wishing you the Same!!!

  3. Happy new year to you both! I've accepted your twitter request so we can talk in private. I don't mind helping you at all. Just shoot me a message and I'll respond. As for the direction of my blog, it's more so a reflection of what I experience with my hair, as a relaxed head. I try to cater to both, however, this blog is geared more towards my experiences on my hair journey :)

    ♥ Sunshyne

  4. Hi Sunshyne, I've been looking for ideas all over to help me with my hair issues. My hair is extremely damaged, the middle of my hair is shorter than the others which makes it difficult to do anything with my hair. I ended up cutting it in a style but the middle is still the same. Now that I have seen this website, it seems to have a lot that could help me. I'm just a little confused tho, please can you help with a regimen I can follow, products to get and any other thing that can help get my hair healthy and long again? (My hair is relaxed and kinda hard)
    Thanks, Bee

  5. Hi Anonymous! Okay first I recommend that you join Hairlista. Hairlista.com is filled with tons of information that will help you get started on your hair journey, point you to good products to use on your hair as well as regimen samples. Check it out :). As for a regiimen, try washing (i.e. creme of nature argan oil shampoo) and deep conditioning every 3-4 days, deep condition with a heat source i.e. hooded dryer, steamer, heat cap etc. for 30 mins using a moisturizing conditioner (i.e. creme of nature moisture extreme, kenra moisturizing conditioner, keracare humecto etc.) Follow up with a leave-in conditioner I.e. scurl, herbal essences long term relationship leave-in etc. and air dry. Moisturize and seal daily! Massage the problem areas with Castor oil 2-3times per week for growth.

    Hope that helps :)