Back From Vacation + Trim + Hair Update

Monday, April 30, 2012

No blog posts means ..... Sunshyne is away! LOL

It`s been a while since I`ve blogged (so sorry) but there`s a reason for that. Mid April I was SWAMPED with studying and final exams. I had zero time for myself. A couple days after that, my family and I went off to Varadero, Cuba (1 week) to relax and have some fun in the sun. I had a blast!! The Cuban people are so nice and friendly and the food was delicious! I wish I stayed a little longer :(

I came back last week, however, getting back into the routine of things took some time. I`m back on schedule so blogging and doing my hair care routine is priority :) Just a quick update, I relaxed my hair April 12th at 3 months post relaxer. This stretch was good. No complaints. Everything went smooth during my relaxer. I used The Sprush so expect a review on that :)

Here are some pics of my hair air drying right after my relaxer:
I haven`t had a trim since September 2011, so I trimmed my ends (the day after my relaxer, April 13th 2012) up to a little below BSL, I wouldn`t call it MBL, however, my hair will be MBL for my next relaxer (late June 2012). I got a blunt cut right across, as usual. Next time I`ll probably cut my ends in a "U" shape....I want something different.

You may not know this, but I don`t trim my ends myself anymore. After numerous tries, I realized that I would get so paranoid that I`d never take off enough "ends", so my hair ended up suffering even more i.e. tangles, breakage etc. Sounds weird, but it`s true. I now leave the trimming to my stylist for a few dollars and it lasts for 6 months :)

Couple days after my trim.

Wrapped and ready to go to bed!

That`s all! Just wanted to share :)

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  1. Finally!! I was worried that you weren't blogging anymore. Your hair looks great. It looks MBL to me.

  2. Oh no, never! I can't stop blogging. LOL Thanks for the compliment :)


  3. About how much did you trim off?

  4. So gorgeous! I'm always so encouraged when you post your length pictures and relaxer updates!

  5. Your hair looks great! You are one of my hair journey inspirations. BTW, did you have to fly to Canada to get to Cuba? I'm curious because my Dad and I want to go there later this year, he suggested we go through Jamaica.

  6. Love your hair!!!
    Can you update us with how the bee mine products are working for you since you've been using them for awhile please?

  7. @Anonymous- I definitely trimmed off over an inch.
    @EbonyCPrincess- Thank you Hun. I'm happy I Could inspire you! :)
    @Anonymous- Thanks girl. I live in Canada so I took a flight straight to Varadero. I've been to Jamaica as well and it's a great choice. I always have fun there. Either one you chose you'll have loads of fun.
    @Anonymous- Thanks Doll. Sure. That's coming up.

  8. Thanks for the reply, Sunshyne...I'll let my Dad know about the direct flight from Canada. :)

  9. I love your updates, they are totally motivating. Your hair looks amazing, I have always liked your thickness! I cannot wait for the review on the Bee Mine DC. I have been itching to try it but I was holding off until your review! Thanks for the updates!

  10. @Anonymous- Your welcome!! :)
    @Age in ATL- Thank you so much!! I'm happy to hear that you like the updates. I do it with you guys in mind. The Bee Mine Review is coming shortly. I promise :) lol

  11. your hair is beautiful! your videos and blog have helped me so much! thank you :)

  12. @Jenna- Aaawww. Thank you very much for the compliment and for watching my videos. I appreciate your support!! Keep in touch.