July Relaxer/Hair Update + Castor Oil Challenge Regimen

Monday, August 06, 2012

I'm officially 4 weeks post relaxer today! The last time I relaxed my hair was July 6th, 2012. I used the Sprush to apply and smooth my relaxer and it did an amazing job, again! My new growth was straight and sleek, however, there was a bit of texture (not under-processed hair) left over, which was perfect (I like to leave a bit of texture in my hair for strength).

I got a trim back in April 2012 (about an 1" off). Yet my hectic schedule, school, work etc., my ends took a slight beating. I failed to moisturize and seal nightly, wear my satin scarf to bed, deep condition twice a week etc....it just caught up to me. They are not entirely bad; however, I know my hair well enough to know when something feels "off" and it does :( My ends feel very tangle-y and thin. I'm contemplating whether or not I should trim my ends again. I mean my last trim was approx. 4 months ago, so in reality, I am overdue for one, but I'm not entirely sure if I should go head with it. At the end of the day, I'm all for healthy hair from root to tip, so if it means my "ends" must go, I have no problem letting go!

I'll sleep on it...LOL

Moving forward, the Castor Oil Challenge is LIVE (July 28th - October 28th, 2012) and I'm participating in this challenge. I've decided to join at the Advance level. The Advance level involves me applying Castor oil (I'll be using Jamaican Black Castor  Oil) to my scalp every other day. I know that may seem like a lot of oil, however, I wash my hair quite frequently and I don't wear straight styles often (I flat iron maybe once every 2-3 months). I'm really excited to see what kind of results I achieve with it. Never have I used JBCO that often, I hope everything goes well...and if I decide to trim, by my next relaxer (sometime in October 2012) my hair will be an inch or two longer.

Here's what my Summer/Fall Castor Oil Challenge Regimen will look like:

Monday: Protein treatment, shampoo, deep condition with moisture DC (with 3PO) for 30mins with heat, air dry. Apply JBCO to scalp, massage it in.
Tuesday: Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf
Wednesday: Apply JBCO to scalp, massage it in. Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf
Thursday: Moisture DC (with 3PO) on dry hair for 30mins, co-wash it out. Air dry. Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf.
Friday: Apply JBCO to scalp, massage it in. Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf
Saturday: Co-wash. Air Dry. Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf.
Sunday: Apply JBCO to scalp, massage it in. Moisturize and seal. Tie with satin scarf.
- Skip Monday-

*The days I will be applying JBCO are not set in stone as I will be applying it every other day so the exact days will change.*

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  1. OMG, you are waist length! I've followed you for 2 years and that's my first comment. I like your hair, your thickness, your lenght, you are my inspiration since the begginning. Thanks for all. Please let your hair grow because it looks beautiful and healthy.
    Excuse my english (I speack french).

  2. Good to have you back blogging. Have missed your blogging over the summer.

  3. Hi sunshyne,
    First of all, I want to say a big thank you for using your knowledge to help and bless the rest of us. I appreciate it. I have one question though. I notice "seal my ends" in your hair regimen a lot for the above challenge and I was wondering if you can explain what it means and how to do it on a daily basis outside of a hair challenge.

  4. Hi Sunshyne! I'm a first time blogger and I've got to say I'm very enthused by your knowledge for your hair! Your regiment seems very conducive for you. I am infatuated with hair care as well. Your energy is great. However I'd be thrilled with every individual learning about there hair type and what works for their hair:)


  5. Texture is too good and i think it is most important rather than the length. Personally i prefer healthy and good texture rather than length. Very beautiful hair and love weekly tips you have shared here.


  6. Are you still using s curl in your regimen? (:

  7. Thank you ladies for your comments. I'm flattered by your compliments and I'm honored to be considered an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog.

    @Kimmy babe - "Sealing" the ends is basically applying a natural oil to your ends after you've moisturized your ends. The oil helps to trap in the moisture so that your hair will remain hydrated, thus preventing breakage.

    @ Anonymous - Yes, I am still using Scurl in my regimen.

  8. Sunshyne do you do a protein treatment every week? (Monday according to the regimen again).

  9. What could I do for my hair if I am not able to wash it weekly but every other week with the deep conditioning, will that still be effective? Even though I moisturize &' seal daily will my hair still grow?

  10. I know Im late on the challenge. I plan to start as soon as I finish my six month stretch. I think Im going to try your same regimen. Your hair looks awesome!

  11. Hi Sunshyne,how do you air dry? Whenever I airdry my hair turns out very dry,what can I do to prevent that dryness when air drying?

  12. @Anonymous1- Yes. I still do my protein treatments once a week. I aim for Monday's, however, sometimes things get a little too hectic that I push it to another day. Either way, I do it once a week.

    @Anonymous2- Yes, even if you do the basics i.e. moisturize and seal daily, wash and deep condition at least twice a month, your hair will still grow and you can retain length. However, the more you wash your hair and treat it, the better.

    @Anonymous3- Awww thanks Hun!

    @Anonymous4- I air dry either in a bun or with it hanging down. I usually blow dry on cool air to close the cuticles and promote shine in the hair. I have a video on it, just search "Hairlicious how I air dry my hair" on my blog. To prevent dryness, I suggest you seal your leave-in with a light oil (coconut oil, grapeseed oil) and bun the hair afterward or blow dry on cool air. It helps prevent frizz too. Hope that helps.

  13. Does castor oil make your hair thicker or does it grow it longer? I have problems with my ends always getting tangled and don't know if castor oil will help. Looks like I am going to have to cut about an inch off and try to see if that would help.

  14. Which protein treatment do you use once a week?

  15. @Princess-Castor oil helps promote growth while increasing thickness. Check out my article on the benefits of Castor oil for hair http://www.hairliciousinc.com/2009/07/castor-oil-benefits-for-hair.html

    @Kay-I use Aphogee 2min Reconstructor weekly.