My Castor Oil Challenge Pt. 9 Results + Pic

Sunday, May 10, 2015

This is the most recent photo of my hair since the Castor Oil Challenge Pt. 9 ended! If you follow me on Instagram ( Instagram @hairlicious) you would have seen this picture already. This photo was taken shortly after I finished rinsing out my deep conditioner. I t-shirt dried for 15 minutes and then I began to air dry. My hair was approximately 70% dry in this photo. I had a few questions regarding the method I use to air dry my hair. It's nothing complicated; however, I'll do a quick video demonstrating the steps I take.

Here's the original photo I took and posted:

A photo posted by Sunshyne☀️ (@hairlicious) on

Regarding the Castor oil challenge, I participated in the Extreme level (applying Castor oil every other day and using 1tsp in my deep conditioners) using Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I must say it was definitely a challenge with my hectic schedule. Most days I was too exhausted to oil my scalp - yet I did my best to not fall behind. 

I'm happy to say that my hair has grown quite a bit and it has increased in thickness as well. Because I had so much new growth, my hair is slightly under-processed so I will be relaxing around the 10 week post mark. Using 1 tsp of JBCO in every deep conditioner really kicked my DC up a notch! In addition, JBCO did an excellent job in softening my hair and new growth, which was a bonus for me! 

Castor oil challenge Pt. 9 is now over! I'm grateful for all who took the time to participate in the challenge - thank you very much! It was such a success!! 

...Until next time :)

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  1. Sunshyne your hair always looks so thick and healthy! :)
    Would you say that castor oil increased your growth rate? My hair is already too thick but I am interested in applying to my scalp for growth. I currently use grease on my scalp when my scalp gets dry (about 2 times per week INCONSISTENTLY).. Yes girl grease because that's worked for me since I was a child :) I only wash my hair once every 4 weeks though, so will it clog my pores & does it increase growth?

  2. That pic has put you on my #hairCrush list. Absolutely gorgeous!! I've gotten a lot of thickness from the castor oil challenge as well. Lenght as well but thickness is like BAMM!! lol
    what I wasn't prepared for was how soft and silky the castor oil would have made my hair feel. I'll definitely continue to use on a more consistent basis!