Video: Loving My Relaxed Hair Series

Monday, November 09, 2015

If you haven't been following the #LovingMyRelaxedHair series, you need to check out this showcase featuring 12 relaxed haired beauties!! 
#LovingMyRelaxedHair aims to appreciate and celebrate relaxed hair - its health and beauty.

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  1. Hi Val! Do you have any tips or advice for someone needing to change the brand of relaxer used? I am not able to purchase the brand I previously used and just want to make sure I change brands safely for my hair. I appreciate any tips!

    1. Hi Hun. What relaxer were you using before? Have you used Lye or No Lye? There's no particular steps in changing relaxers. It's all about how you prep your hair prior to the relaxer.

  2. Thank you Val for all that you have taught me.