My New Fragrances for Spring!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Theres nothing better than to kick off a new season with some of your favourite scents that will have others asking you - what are you wearing?!!

The other day, I walked into Sephora to repurchase my staple Tom Ford - Black Orchid, which is a timeless woodsy/spicy scent that I typically wear in the fall/winter but its perfect for all year 'round. This time around I quickly changed my mind as I wanted something lighter, floral and fresh - inspired by Spring. I purchased a few new travel (perfect to transport in my purse) size fragrances that are affordable and smell amazing! 

C L E A N  Reserve - Warm Cotton
If you are one that loves fresh clean scents this one is for you! When I first came across this fragrance it immediately reminded me of fresh linen straight out of the laundry. Its that "fresh out the shower" type of scent that just lingers on your skin all day long. Its nothing but pure freshness in a bottle. It can easily uplift your mood with every sniff. This scent can be worn daily and is ideal for daytime wear.

C L E A N  Reserve - Rain
Now this fragrance is perfect for Spring! Think...fresh aquatic rainfall type scent - yup! Rain has  slight hints of floral with dewy melon and sheer musk. Its very light and airy and can easily be layered with Warm Cotton for a bigger WOW factor! Its so fresh and so clean. This scent can be worn daily and is ideal for daytime wear.

Tory Burch - Love Relentlessly
My favourite right now! This fragrance carries warm floral notes that captures a very feminine romantic feel. The florals embody that spring vibe with a mix of pink pepper and rose notes. I've been wearing this on date nights and my hubby loves this one the most! Nothing but hugs and kisses with this one so I know that means its a win for him! Xoxo. This scent lingers for hours and perfect for evening wear. 

Tory Burch - Jolie Fleur Rose
Such a unique blend! Just picture the aroma of classic rose with a hint of bold woodsy and musk notes. A little goes a long way and lasts throughout the day. This fragrance was inspired by the flowers in Tory Burch's garden. Though it boasts floral notes, it's sexy enough to wear in the daytime or evening. It's a 'must have' scent to debut in Spring! I rock this daily!

What are some of your favourite fragrances for Spring? or all year 'round?

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