Q&A: Answering Your Hair Questions

Friday, October 30, 2020

Q&A: Answering Your Hair Questions | www.HairliciousInc.com

Answering your hair and non-hair related questions! 

Hey girl, thank you for tuning into another video! 

So last week on my Instagram and YouTube comments, I asked you guys to post any questions you had for me. The amount of comments I received (still receiving) was overwhelming! The questions I got were really good so I decided to film my answers for you guys. Definitely have to do a part 2!! 

In this video, I answer your questions relating to how I keep my scalp moisturized, postpartum shedding, tips to grow your edges, protein treatments, how to select a stylist, Olaplex, if I’m going natural and MORE! You don’t want to miss this…it’s a good one!! As always, thanks for watching! 

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Cornrows protective style done by me - still learning :) 
My ends tucked with ouchless ponytail holders (so my ends are not brushing against my top) 

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