My Top 10 Tools & Techniques for 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2008 is about to end and 2009 is just around the corner! Check out my Top 10 tools and techniques that have helped me in 2008.

10.T-shirt drying *New*
9. Always Sleeping in a satin scarf at night.
8. Combing only on wash days.
7. Stretching my relaxers.
6. The Scarf Method while air drying.
5. Using the Wet Look comb over the Jilbere Comb...huge difference.
4. Detangling in the shower under running water in 2 sections.
3. Pinning up my hair with a claw clip or bunning as a protective style.
2. Applying my deep conditioner in sections.
1. Moisturizing and sealing in sections!

What tools and/or techniques have helped you and your hair in 2008?


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  1. Hey Sunshyne. New to the site and Newbie to my hair. Just subscribed and became a follower tonight. Left a msg last night on your 'Siloxane post. Launching my "natural products" review blog tonight. Finally! Check me out girl! Love the site.
    My best, Lynn

  2. "1. Moisturizing and sealing in sections!"

    This works really well.

  3. Moisturizing and sealing, air drying using the scarf method (Thanks Sunshyne) and stretching my relaxers.

  4. Moisturizing and sealing(Sunshyne method), prepooing, cowashing, pincurls and no wrapping, STEAMING!!!!!, saran wrap, healthy stretching, protective styling, consistency and experimentation together helped me find better ways to take care of my hair.

  5. Just wanted to make sure I got follow-up...forgot to check box. Sorry. LoL!

  6. Thanks for your input ladies. Healthy stretching is key LaQT!! Do you have a steamer?

  7. Actually, no I don't have a steamer. I use the 2 shower caps, 2turbans, and my dryer on high for 15-30 mins with my fave dc. From those who have tried both they say that the above-mentioned way is pretty comparable to having a steamer. Plus, the way my hair feels after it, I'm not so sure it gets much better. I want to get a steamer though!

  8. The scarf method is great! i love the results lol thanks sunshyne:)

    I haven't heard of the t shirt drying method though...what is that?

  9. Moisturizing the hair in sections is soooo important. Sometimes we forget to take the time to properly moisturize the entire head of hair and not just the top layer and the ends.

  10. @ LaQT - Thanks for letting me know.

    @ AngelEyez - I'm happy you like the results. T-shirt drying is when you wrap a t-shirt around your hair to squeeze out excess water as opposed to using a towel.

    @ N Vizion - You're absolutely right!!

  11. Good Morning... Just joined and found a wealth of information on this site. I am looking for the Silk Elements did you have to order online or did you go to the BSS to purchase. I am hoping to have NL within a few months. Thought that sectioning the hair for conditioning was very helpful.

  12. I get my Silk Elements products from Sally Beauty Supply. I'm glad you find my site helpful.