Ingredient Spotlight: Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein?

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein is a moisturizing and conditioning protein derived from whole wheat.

What does it do for the hair?

It increases the hair's ability to retain moisture and impart shine and gloss to damaged and dull hair. Due to its low molecular weight, it easily penetrates the hair shaft. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein attracts and retains moisture, builds body, reduces porosity, improves hair manageability, improves luster and smoothness.

Which products contain this Ingredient?

1. Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner
2. Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion
3. Herbal Essences Replenishing Conditioner
4. Abba Color Protect Conditioner
5. Miss Keys 10 en 1

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  1. It seems like all of my products have this in it. Glad to know that it has alot to do with moisture-retention. Lots of ppl think that all protein will aid in making your hair crispy and dry.

  2. Many people do think that it's hardening their hair. I try to let everyone know that HWP is a good thing!

  3. I use Aphogee Two-Step Protein Treatment, but it uses Hydrolyzed Animal Protein. Is one better than the other (other than the animals that sacrificed their lives)? I love the stuff and it's essential for my hair after a fresh relaxer. I'm gonna take a look at this HWP thing.

  4. @ Rauneygal - Hydrolyzed Animal Protein and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein are 2 totally different proteins from different sources. HWP is much more mild and can be used daily, whereas HAP is quite harsh and much stronger on the hair. HAP should only be use 1x every 6-8 weeks.

  5. tresemme moisturizing shampoos and conditioners also contain these ingredients....

  6. this may sound stupid it a good idea to add 'whey protein' into a deep conditioner and apply it to the hair along with other ingredients.

  7. Also "Cren ALTER EGO" contains HWP this a good product for thinning or weak to damaged hair. Promotes hair growth at agood rate available onle and dominican salons

  8. Should someone with a wheat allergy and highly sensitive to gluten be using this wheat protein? Does it penetrate the scalp?

    1. I wouldn't be too concerned. As long as it's not in its purest form, you should be fine.