Hair Question: What Do You Prefer? Motions Vs. ORS Olive Oil Relaxer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"I need some personal advice. What relaxer do you use/ recommend? ORS or Motions. This is my first self-relaxer and my mom is doing it. I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews about both, so I'm not sure. Have you used any one of these relaxer, and if so how did it work for you ? thanks :)"

Advice: Yes I've used both throughout my hair journey and here is my honest opinion on both relaxers based on my hair type 4b/c.

Motions Hair Relaxer (Lye)

  • Leaves a bit of kink in the hair so your not completely bone straight
  • Hair feels smooth and silky
  • Hair is not over-processed or under-processed
  • No Breakage


  • More likely to burn
  • Processes the hair quick
  • Lacks body

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer (Lye)

  • Mild
  • Leaves some kink/texture in the hair
  • Does not burn
  • Hair is smooth, soft and silky
  • Processes the hair slowly
  • More body & volume
  • No Breakage
  • If you don't smooth the new growth enough you can be left with under-processed hair
Overall: I prefer the ORS Olive Oil relaxer. I've been using it for almost 2 years now. I loved it since the first time I used it and with continued usage I've noticed a difference in my hair overtime i.e. thickness, strength etc. Based on what my sister says, she found ORS Olive Oil relaxer way too strong (she's a 4a/b hair type). It processed her hair fast and left it pretty straight (straighter than she'd like). So it pretty much all depends on your hair type. That just goes to show that everyone's hair is different and my review is just a guideline. Hope it helps☺


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  1. I need to try the ORS Olive Oil relaxer...this is like the first time I heard about it. I find it funny that I won't go near the Motions relaxer but I'll use the styling products. I don't like the super straight look either!

  2. Hi sunshyne, still superkeen on the Tweezerman scissors, have you tested them out girl? If you have what's the result :)

  3. I have fine hair and I prefer the Motions. It never leaves my hair tangled and bone straight. I even use a mild on my edges, with regular on the rest of my hair.

  4. I used ORS as my first lye relaxer and I used it two times since. All three times it burnt the HECK out of my scalp. It was so bad. Rinsing it was more excruciating to imagine.
    I will say that my hair was kinked which was great, but it was b/c the relaxer burnt me so bad I did not want to keep it in any longer.
    I believe that ORS may be more gentle for other people then it was to me.
    I loved the fact it did not have that gritty feeling after like the no-lye relaxers, but I feel all lye relaxers do that.

    ORS was not for me, but now I use Mazani Butter Blend and it is AMAZING. Hands down the best relaxer I've every used.

  5. I use ORS no lye now for about 3 maybe 4 years and i never had a complaint.