Tropic Isle Sale ENDS Nov.4th 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get 20% Off ALL Tropic Isle Products (including our beloved Jamaican Black Castor Oil, stock up for the Castor Oil Challenge!)

promo code: LISTA (all caps)

*IMPORTANT* - To receive the discount please select the "Apply" button (below the coupon box) to get the discount when putting through your order.

Go to:


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  1. Sam's is out of stock on the red pimento growth you have a contact that you can ask to find out if they will have more before the sale ends? I left a message with their customer service and no one has replied to me yet.

  2. It's only giving me a 10% discount...

  3. A new order of the Red Pimento Oil has been ordered so some should be in stock soon.

    If you are only getting a 10% discount, then that product has already been reduced and the discount code will not work.