Loving My Relaxed Hair™ Presents: TexlaxedCutie

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Introduce yourself! what's your name? where are you from? 
Hey everyone! My name is Texlaxedcutie and I love to post informative tips and document my hair journey on my instagram! I was born in New York. As for my culture/ background, I am of West Indian heritage and have parents who are Guyanese and Barbadian.

How would you describe your hair? What's your hair type?
I would describe my hair as high-maintenance, although I love it for that particular reason! If I had to put my hair in any category, in its natural state, it would be 3c (and 4a in some spots). My hair is naturally very thick and probably the healthiest it's ever been in all the years of my hair journey! I am also recovering from a big set back in my journey. Last summer I cut my hair from mid back length to shoulder length! But I am definitely back to my original length but my hair is much thicker and healthier! I'm very exited to reach my goal of waist length. My hair is anywhere between bra-strap and mid back length - I'm not completely sure because I haven't straightened it in about 8 months. I do plan on clearing that up next relaxer which will be in May!

When did you start your relaxed hair journey? What is your hair regimen? Share a few of your "go-to" hair products. 
I started my relaxed hair journey when I was 14 and discovered youtube and wonderful hair forums like Hairlicious Inc.! I was so determined to have long relaxed hair because I was extremely bored with my shoulder length relaxed hair. It was then that I devised a healthy hair regimen that I still use today! I start my regimen by detangling my hair and prepooing with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I then rinse out the oil and proceed to cleanse my hair with a moisturizing shampoo. Then I whip up my favorite concoction of ORS replenishing pak, EVOO and coconut oil and sit under my Huetiful hair steamer for about 40 minutes. After I rinse that out, I t-shirt dry for 30 minutes and apply my leave in and style.

My go to hair style is a braidout but I also love buns and curl former sets. I only texlax my hair two to three times per year and my favorite relaxer is Creme of Nature Straight from Eden relaxer in formula B.

My two absolute "go-to" products are:
1) Shea moisture curl and style milk and the
2) ORS replenishing Pak.

What #1 hair tip you would pass on to other relaxed haired ladies who are starting their hair journey? 
The number one hair tip I would pass on to other relaxed ladies would be to "baby your ends!" If length is the goal, you'll love this tip because it's easier to retain length. The best way to do this is to apply extra product to your ends and "baggy" them after you moisturize and seal.

Nowadays it's becoming more uncommon to see relaxed hair or products geared towards relaxed hair. Do you feel a 'pressure' to go natural? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on the natural hair movement? 
I do not feel pressure to go natural because I am head-over-heals in LOVE with my texlaxed hair! I think the natural hair movement is great, I love seeing big, beautiful natural hair pictures on my Instagram! But it's not for me at this time because I love the versatility of my texlaxed hair. I can have sleek straight hair one day, a loose curly wash n go another or rock my big voluminous braidout the next!

Why do you choose to remain relaxed while many are transitioning back to their natural hair? 
I choose to stay relaxed because, like I said, my hair is high-maintenance, as it is, and I do not have the time right now to care for my natural hair properly. I am totally comfortable with my hair right now and do not plan on stepping out of my comfort zone any time soon!

What do you absolutely love about your relaxed tresses? And why?
The texture, versatility and the therapeutic nature of caring for it! I love everything about my texlaxed hair!

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  1. What caused you to cut your hair?

    1. Hi shantel! I had to cut my hair because my ends were shot! I had a very hectic school last year and couldn't think about my hair. I would literally wash my hair every day and do washngo's with out the proper products and technique. So glad I know how to manage my hair and schedule:)