Sunday, September 28, 2014

0 Protective Style: Twisted Bun and Gold Hair Chain Accessory

Sometimes a protective style needs some spicing up! I was heading out to a party and I thought, what is the quickest hair style I can do, considering wash day is tomorrow and I don't want to put heat in my hair as yet? So, I  moisturized and sealed my hair, parted my hair straight down the middle, used a little bit of Aloe Vera Gel on my edges, then I put my hair in an Ouchless ponytail holder. I parted my ponytail in two (2), did a two-strand twist, wrapped it around to form a bun, then pinned it! Done.

A while back, I bought this gorgeous gold hair chain from Claire's ($10) and I always envisioned wearing it with my hair down - freshly flat ironed! Well, I figured it should still look chić if I wear it with a bun, no?  Well, here are the results. There's a stretchy band at the back to form/adjust to any head size. I have a fairly large head (plus new growth) so it was accommodating and comfortable :) 

It's a quick protective/low manipulation style that anyone can do! The gold hair chain is definitely a must-have in your hair accessory arsenal!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

0 Fall Is Officially Here! - What Is Your Fall Regimen?

As the season changes, so does our hair regimen and products! Some tend to co-wash less, protective style more, and thicker oils & butters become the norm as the colder weather approaches. Some don't change a thing :)

How does your hair behave in during the Fall season? 

What tools, products and/or methods are you set on incorporating into your regimen this Fall?  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

2 Straight Talk: On The Art of Damp Bunning

Damp bunning is my favorite go-to style during the summer. I’ve worn buns since the beginning of my hair journey in 2008, and it’s a staple of mine. It’s a low-manipulation style that allows you to lock in moisture for a long period of time.

The Purpose
The purpose of bunning while your hair is slightly damp is to help lock moisture into the hair for a prolonged period of time. When I damp bun my hair, my ends are tucked away preventing moisture from easily escaping. My relaxed hair remains protected and moist throughout the entire day with this low manipulative style

Damp Bun on Wash Days
I bun my slightly damp hair on wash-days (after a deep condition or co-wash) or right after I moisturize and seal. Prior to bunning my hair, I focus on applying moisturizer down the length of my hair, and then I seal with a mixture containing olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil for softness. The trick is to put your hair into a bun immediately while your hair is still damp.

It Makes a Difference
Damp bunning has really made a difference in my hair’s ability to retain length during the summer months. The summer heat has a way of drying out my relaxed hair; however, damp bunning has been able to counteract those effects. My ends are protected, moist and happy which means less trimming! Bunning my hair while damp has helped me to maintain high moisture levels despite the hot summer sun. It’s quick and easy while on the go!

Switch It Up
I like to change up my buns too. I either opt for a damp sleek top-knot or a sophisticated low damp bun for the day! I gently brush my edges back with a soft boar bristle brush and go! Are you a damp bun lover? If so, what do you love most about it?

Be sure to check out the original article over at | Straight Talk: Hairlicious Inc. On The Art of Damp Bunning

Saturday, September 13, 2014

8 Coconut Oil Challenge Pt. 1 Winners!

Challenge Started: Saturday May 24th, 2014 
Challenge Ended: Saturday August 23rd, 2014

Winner #1

Mrs. Labady participated in the Coconut Oil Challenge at the Intermediate Level, which involved applying Coconut oil to her hair and scalp, prior to washing, for 20mins – 1 hour or overnight twice per week. This level also involved applying 1-2 tsp of Coconut Oil to her weekly deep conditioner, while using heat. Awesome growth & thickness hun!

Winner #2

Tisha participated in Coconut Oil Challenge at the Basic Level, which involved applying Coconut oil to her hair and scalp, prior to washing, for 20mins – 1 hour or overnight, massaging it in while focusing on damaged areas once a week. Congrats on your fabulous growth!


Two(2) gift cards valued at $75.00 each. Congratulations ladies on your longer, thicker, healthier hair. Enjoy your prizes!

Please email us (in the next 24-48 hours) at: to claim your prize :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10 Have Your Say: Light vs. Heavy Sealants

Are you a fan of light or heavy sealants for your hair?

Everyone's hair is different and reacts differently to certain oils. Some have fine hair; therefore, light oils such as Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil etc. are perfect for sealing the ends without weighing the hair down.

On the other hand, there are thicker hair textures that require something a little heavier, than the light oils, to lock moisture into their strands. I have dense, wiry, coarse strands. My hair craves a lot of moisture and heavier oils to prevent moisture from escaping my strands. Heavier moisturizing products have helped to minimize split ends. Heavy oils consist of Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. Recently, I've fallen in love with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (dark green)  as a sealant. It's very rich and slightly thick/heavy in consistency. It provides perfect coverage and intense shine.  It's ability to lock in moisture is great and my hair remains moist and smooth. My ends love IT!!!

My question to you is, does your hair prefer Light or Heavy sealants? If so, what do you think is the reason? What oils are you currently using? Which consistency (light or heavy) allows you to retain the most moisture?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

0 Straight Talk: On The Art of Hair Misting

Have you ever experienced dehydrated, brittle hair from the hot sun? I’ve had my share of bad summer hair days. But over the years, I’ve developed a simple solution that has helped to bring my hair back to life. It’s simple: I mist my hair throughout the day for a boost in hydration. Not only does this trick help in re-moisturizing my hair, it also helps to re-fresh my style so that it remains vibrant throughout the day, and it also provides shine.

Grab a Spray Bottle

I use a couple simple liquid solutions to combat dryness in the summer months. First, I make sure I have my trusty spray bottle, preferably in a travel size so that it’s portable in my handbag wherever I go. My go-to mixture is 20-25% Glycerin with 3-4 parts distilled water to dilute it. Distilled water is the best for healthier hair, as there are no chlorine or calcium/mineral deposits in it as opposed to hard water.

Add Aloe Vera Juice 

Sometimes I’ll add a little bit of 100% aloe vera juice for a little kick in hydration. I usually add approximately ¼ cup of aloe vera juice to my glycerin and distilled water mixture. The mixture has superb moisturizing properties jam-packed with nutrients to promote healthier hair and scalp. I preserve my mixtures by storing them in my fridge. The added bonus is that the cool temp helps to close my cuticles too. For dry summer months, misting is the way to go!

Add Glycerin 

Glycerin is a potent humectant that draws moisture from the air into the hair. It’s amazing at softening and hydrating my dry thirsty hair that has been scorched from the sun. I spray this combination in my roots, my ends and all throughout my hair. But, I don’t saturate my hair with it; I just spray enough to lightly moisten it so that my hair is slightly damp. I’ll mist my hair while it’s loose hanging down, or while it’s in a style. I mist as often as once or twice daily, depending on how dry and hot the weather has been. Always listen to your hair.

Be sure to check out the original article over at | Straight Talk: Hairlicious Inc. On The Art of Hair Misting


Monday, September 1, 2014

8 Straight Talk: Why I Don't Frequent Salons

Years ago, I would find myself at the salon every other Saturday morning getting a wash and set or every 8 weeks getting a fresh relaxer. Back then; the salon was my refuge. My stylist was my hair doctor and I gave her full control.

Once I became more knowledgeable about relaxed hair and how to properly care for it, I started to care for my hair in the convenience of my own home. First, I had to reprogram my thinking and understand that it’s okay to wash and deep condition my hair at home. For years, I left my hair in the hands of someone else because, in my mind, it was a taboo to wash my own hair. It was so foreign to me when my friends told me that they washed and conditioned their hair at home, I looked at them like they had 5 heads! Sad to say, prior to my hair journey, my mind was filled with the typical hair care myths regarding black hair.

In hindsight, I had no knowledge or control over my hair. I never took the time to understand my hair’s needs and wants, I never knew I could wash it and condition it at home. But once I took matters into my own hands I was able to grow healthy hair. In fact, it’s quite liberating! Now that I have a greater understanding of my hair, I perform 90% of all my hair care needs right in the comfort of my home i.e. wash, deep condition, relaxer, etc. Not only have I saved a lot of money going this route, I now have a certain level of confidence when handling my hair because of the hair care knowledge I’ve gained throughout the years. I actually find it harder and harder to find stylists that understand and encourage my healthy hair care practices. I’ve learned to carefully detangle my hair from the ends up, use wide tooth-combs at all times, relax only the new growth, pass the flat iron through my hair once, instead of 4-5 times to get it straight.

Don’t get me wrong; salons will forever have my support. Sometimes it’s fun to pamper yourself and have someone else do your hair. However, implementing these simple yet crucial practices have helped to improve the health of my hair dramatically.

How often do you visit the salon? Has your salon attendance decreased since you’ve been on your hair journey?


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8 Mohawk On My Relaxed Air Dried Hair

This is, by far, one of my favourite up-do hairstyles! 

I discovered it about a year ago and I just love the simplicity of this style. Originally, I saw this style on many natural haired ladies.  I decided to give it a "go" on my air dried relaxed hair since it's much fuller and textured in this state. Relaxed hair is versatile too :) 

All I do is section off my hair in 3 (vertically), put ponytail hair ties around each section, fluff & lightly twist the hair from each section, pin it and go! I find that it's an elegant hair style for any occasion - most importantly it's heat free and a protective style for my ends! Can't beat that :)

Tip: An old braid-out is perfect for this style. The added texture really adds more appeal & character to the overall style!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

2 Coconut Oil Challenge - 1 Day Left!

  1. The Coconut Oil Challenge is coming to an end tomorrow August 24th. This challenge has been a challenging one, but with great results!! I love how strong my hair has been feeling lately. I encourage all who participated in the challenge to share their "before and after" pictures or even a testimony on how your hair has improved over the past few months. 

    See you on!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

17 Hair Comparison: APL to BSL in 9 months!

I've been on my hair journey for several years now and I still love going through my old photos of my hair just to visually see how my hair has transformed. I've always used it as motivation to meet my next goal. Nothing speaks louder than a photo! Sometimes we feel as though our hair isn't making any progress, but until we look at an old photo, that is when we really notice a difference :)

The photo on the left (APL - Arm Pit Length) was back in November 2008 when I went to a salon for a relaxer. They hacked off at least 4-6 inches of my thin ends when all I wanted was a trim. It was actually a blessing in disguise. From this beautiful disaster, I was able to really understand the needs, likes, dislikes etc. of my hair that I never understood before. The photo on the right (BSL - Bra Strap Length) was taken in October 2009. So technically speaking, I made BSL in 9 months (August 2009) but this photo was taken in October.

What I changed in my regimen to get to BSL?:

1. I consistently started using S-curl No Drip Activator daily. My ends were craving the extra moisture.
2. Increased my protein treatments to once a week (followed by a moisture deep condition) to ensure my hair remained moisturized yet strong & fortified at the same time. 
3. Applied Jamaican Black Castor Oil to my scalp 2-3x/week. This helped to promote growth and thickness in my hair. 
4. Protected my ends in wigs and buns 90% of the time. I left my hair alone!
5. Moisturized and sealed in sections (5-6) ensuring all of my ends were covered in my moisturizer preventing dryness!

That's it! All you need is consistency & patience :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

31 Steaming My Hair With Coconut Oil!

The Coconut Oil Challenge is still live on The challenge will end in less than one month (August 24th). Although, it's been quite difficult keeping up with the challenge, my hair has benefitted greatly from weekly use of Coconut oil. My hair feels stronger, softer and smoother with every use. The moist air from the steamer along with the Coconut oil are a great combo! 

My favourite way of incorporating Coconut Oil into my hair regimen is by going under the steamer with it for 30 minutes. I apply the oil to dry unwashed hair. I slather it on from root to tip and then clip the ends up. No plastic cap! The steam allows my cuticles to open up and absorb the oil and all it's nutrients.  Once 30 minutes is up, I proceed to co-wash my hair with a creamy instant conditioner (lately I've been using Aussie Moist Conditioner). My hair is then full of slip making it extremely easy to detangle. Overall, I love this oil! Coconut oil really helps to add fullness and strength to my hair which comes in handy since I'm almost 8 weeks post relaxer!

What your favourite way of using Coconut oil in your regimen? What have you noticed since you've incorporated it into your hair routine?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

6 Summer Hair Care: Glycerin Based Products Are The Best!

The main secret that helps my hair retain moisture during the summer months is the usage of glycerin-based products! I know some may hate it and some love it, but for me, it is the best moisture-enhancing product for my relaxed strands.

The Benefits
Glycerin is a clear, odorless liquid that is hygroscopic and a humectant in nature, meaning when used on the hair, it attracts moisture from the air into the hair. I remember the beginning of my hair journey when my sister first introduced me to glycerin. She stressed how much better her relaxed hair felt after using it, but I was always skeptical because I thought it was for texturized or curly perms. I remember days when my hair was so dry and thirsty it broke off in clumps on a regular basis. I tried everything from water-based moisturizers, butters, to oil based moisturizers. Nothing cured my excessive breakage. I never thought relaxed hair could benefit from glycerin and boy was I wrong!

Hydrated Strands
Once I was introduced to glycerin-based products i.e. moisturizers, leave-ins etc., my hair made a 360 degree change. My breakage minimized substantially, my hair felt moist for once and my hair looked and felt hydrated from the inside out. My hair was happy and so was I! Finally I found a product that worked for my thirsty relaxed strands. I’ll moisturize my hair in the morning, with my glycerin-based moisturizer, and throughout the day, my hair retains moisture easily.

Softer Hair 
My hair feels soft and hydrated with each use. Glycerin helps to draw moisture from the hot humid air right into my strands…all day long. Not to mention, it’s exceptional for my new growth, while stretching my relaxers, as it literally melts my growth making it manageable.


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