5 Ways To Get Your Hair Winter Ready - Winterize Your Hair Regimen

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Protect your hair this Winter with a few of my favourite tips from my "Winterized" hair regimen!

1) Increase & intensify your deep conditioning sessions
Amp up your conditioning sessions this season by deep conditioning for 30-45 mins long using a heat source i.e. steamer, heat cap or hooded dryer. As an extra treat for your tresses, add some penetrating oils (olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil) to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp.

2) Use Heavier Sealants
Provide your hair with an extra layer of protection by sealing with a thicker oil. Sealing with a thicker oil after moisturizing will lock in moisture for longer periods of time helping to maintain the integrity and health of your ends.

3) Hide Your Hair
Shield your hair from the harsh winter weather and tuck it away! Frequent exposure to winter weather may create dryness and split ends which will lead to breakage. Opt for styles where your ends aren't exposed to the elements i.e. Buns, updo's, weave, wigs, braids etc.

4) Wear Satin Lined Hats
Brisk weather can dry out your hair quickly! Invest in a satin lined winter hat to protect your hair and combat dryness.

5) LOC/LCO method
Preventing moisture loss is essential when combatting dryness. Using liquid, oil, cream or liquid, cream, oil layering method, for locking in moisture, will ensure your hair remains hydrated for longer periods of time during this dry winter season.

What are you doing to protect your tresses this winter season?

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