Then and Now: My Bun Comparison!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Am I the only one who loves to dig up old hair photos to compare the past to the present? :)

Honestly, there's nothing like an old photo to show you how much your hair has transformed over the years! I was digging through my archive of photos and I came across this old photo of my bun back when I started my hair journey (on the left). This photo was taken approximately 1 year into my hair journey - so my hair was becoming healthier.

Seeing this photo, years later, brought back so many memories/thoughts/feelings I was experiencing with my hair, at the time. On many occasions "giving up" ran through my mind, but I'm glad I didn't. These "blast from the past" photos remind me that, I know it sounds cliche but, patience and consistency is everything!!

Never give up!

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  1. I wish my hair was that thick! Been on my hair journey for almost 4 years I think and although my hair has grown so much, this past year and a half have been set back after set back. Lost so much body that its like I am back at day one. My bun size is no longer where it use to be.

    Seeing pictures like these encourage me not to give up but I cannot help but think I should just forget this whole thing. I invested so much and now just don't think I can anymore...

  2. Oh Wow! What a bun indeed! Happy New year Sunshyne!