I did it! I got my Relaxerrrrrrrr and it feels GOOD

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I relaxed my hair on May 1st after a long 3 month stretch. I thought it would never be over, but it is and I've seen a big improvement in my hair. It has grown alot. I also got a mini trim or should I say "dusting" on my ends. I have not trimed my hair since November 16th 2007. I only trim my hair every other relaxer, so thats about 2-3 times a year. I think this will be my LAST 3 month stretch simply because its a lot of working keeping the new growth tame and untangled. I think the most I will stretch will be 8-10 weeks from now on...lol...we'll see.

My next relaxer will be on July 17th '08. In between that time I will be doing the same thing, wash twice a week, deep condition after each wash, moisturize and seal every morning and night and baggy once in a while whenever my ends feel extra dry. A detailed breakdown of my regimen will be posted within the next couple of days so keep posted and of course relaxer pics!!!

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  1. What kind of relaxer do you use/recommend? Also, I am 6 months post relaxer and I hate it so much. I want to know how you've obtained healthy AND relaxed hair.. HELP!!!

  2. I went to the salon to get my relaxer done. My hairdresser used Motions Relaxer. Im not sure if it was mild, or super. I think it was Super since I have coarse resistant hair. This has been one of my best relaxers yet. It also contains natural humectants. But If you have any more questions on specifics, just email me :)