Small Tweaks BIG Results!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Since the beginning of my hair care journey, I have learned so many little things that has helped me maximized my resluts in a very big way. Here are the tips that I have used with success :

1. Air drying my hair with a scarf around my hairline to get roots straight and hairline smooth.
2. Adding 100% pure glycerin (at times) to my favourite deep conditioner to maximize moisture.
3. After shampooing, I gently squeeze out excess water with towel right before deep conditioner. So that the conditioner can penetrate better.
4. Baggying ends with a little bit of moisturizer since a little goes a long way.
5. Using water based moisturizers with glycerin as the main ingredient to moisturize hair.
6. When shampooing, scrub the scalp only, not the hair itself. Less tangles this way.
7. Moisturize hair in sections that way all of my hair is moist not just the outer layer.
8. Tilting my head upside down, after I've applied my deep conditioner, to gather all my ends at the top and then covering it with a plastic cap so they get the most conditioning effects while under the hooded dryer.
9. Applying deep conditioner in sections as if I'm going to cornrow my hair or grease my scalp. The conditioner is applied to my roots then my tips using this method. My hair has changed so much with this!
10. Using cool/lukewarm water as my final rinse when rinshing out my deep conditioner. This closes the cuticles.
11. Applying moisturizer to my ends first (last 2-3 inches) then to the rest of my hair.
12. Adding EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and Honey to my moisturizing deep conditioners. This has given me slip and the tangles slip right out plus its very very moisturizing!! Love ITTTT
13. Only comb on wash days (I like very low manipulation) and finger comb in the week.
14. Putting glycerin based products on new growth while stretching to keep it extra soft between washes.
15. Last but not least, detangling in the SHOWER. I was one of those girls that washed and rinsed my head over the tub and ended up with TANGLES for DAYS. Those days are long gone and rinsing my hair and detangling with my wide tooth comb in the shower has been amazing for me.


P.S. What have you done throughout your hair journey that has helped in a BIG way???

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  1. Hi,
    Love your blog, very informative with lots of tips. Nice layout as well. Keep it up.

  2. Hann said...
    Love your blog, very informative with lots of tips. Nice layout as well. Keep it up.

    Hi Hann,
    Thanks for the nice compliments. I really appreciate it. Keep in touch : )

  3. Love your blog...Keep those great tips coming...LOL

    Detangling in the shower ..only on wash days has helped me also

  4. Thanks Traycee, I try =]LOL Im glad you've found detangling in the shower beneficial too. It saved my hair from tangles.

  5. i agree with a lot of what you said. if i name everything you will be reading all night, but i'll just mention frequent DCs and buying a denman. my WNGs are gonna be fierce when my transition is over.

  6. Sectioning my hair to dc and moisturize has made a big difference for me too.

    How much glycerin do you add to your conditioner?

  7. @ Mojo - Frequent Dc'ing has been a major plus for me too. It gets me excited everytime I do it =]

    @ Tiff - I use about 10tsp mixed into my Elasta QP DPR-11 as soon as I buy it from the BSS. Thats it!

  8. Yes!!! Detangling only in the shower is a must and low manipulation is key for me. It just leads to too much shedding and breakage. Moisturizing and sealing in sections is what my hair craved because I'm covering every strand! I feel like I cowash every other day while stretching because I noticed my new growth stays softer. If I could leave conditioner in my hair all day, I would!!! lol