Hair Question: Castor Oil Vs. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Saturday, August 08, 2009


"Do you like the regular castor oil? Did you notice a difference between the regular castor oil and jamaican black castor oil on your scalp..which one is better?"

I used the regular Home Health Castor Oil on my scalp for approximately a week before re-purchasing my beloved Jamaican Black Castor Oil (when I ran out). So, within that week, I did about 3 applications and I must say that I didn't like it much. Personally, I find that the regular Castor Oil is just too thick. It never really absorbed into my scalp the way JBCO does, so it left a weird coating on my strands. My roots were drier than normal, long story short...I just gave it the boot!

When I use JBCO, my roots/new growth stays soft, moist and shiny!! It acts like a humectant drawing in moisture. I definitely feel the difference between the two. JBCO is much thinner/lighter in consistency and it absorbs into the hair much better.

If I had to pick between the two, it would be Jamaican Black Castor Oil all the WAY! PLUS...It's raw and unrefined, meaning that it went through less processing, contains more nutrients (more potent), and it's not deodorized so it has a strong/rich color & scent.


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  1. I have both but haven't used the black castor yet. I'll have to give it a try. I'm so used to the clear version that I'm weary of change.

    I'll also try your tip on using JBCO on the roots. Thanks Sunshine!

  2. I have used them both and love the Home Health Castor Oil better. I haven't noticed a difference in growth; my hair grows at the same rate using either of them. I love to mix my Home Health Castor Oil with conditioners for my co-wash; aloe vera gel, glycerin, and shea butter for a creamy pomade; as well as using it to seal. This is a true staple product that I love. ~Mystique

  3. I haven't used the JBCO since it is not easy to find in my neck of the woods. I have been using regular castor oil and it is VERY heavy. I mix it into my deep conditioners and I figure that I will use it during the winter to seal. I have used it on my scalp and it thickened up my hair almost instantly, but like Sunshyne said, it made my roots dry. Maybe I should cut it down with a lighter oil or just make that switch to JBCO.

  4. All I know is regular castor oil. I apply it to my scalp daily. It softens my ng and it makes my long-term stretching go easily, plus when I use it before a braid out it keeps my ng from drying out or so it seems. I can easily part my ng when using this. I used a whole 8 oz bottle and now I decided to mix my other oil mix with about 4oz castor and 4 oz of other oils to see if I like it thinned a little. I haven't been using my new mixture long enough to know a difference.

  5. I have Jamaican Black Castor Oil for sale $20CDN, 8 ounce dark amber bottles. I live in Toronto, Canada, you can reach me at: I have always used Jamaican Black Cator Oil in my hair handmade by my grandmother. She used to make handmade coconut oil as well.

  6. I've never used JBCO, only the regular no name brand and my new growth stays soft and moisturised. Of course I would imagine that there are various no name brands too.

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  8. I use raw unrefined Castor oil. I have found a slightly thinner version then I used before. I have never used JBCO even though my background is Jamaican. I don't find the version I use dry actually I find it more moisturizing the olive oil and Jojoba oil. But due to its thick nature I use primarly at the edges of my hairline and ends of my hair. But I wan't to know what makes JBCO different from unrefined Castor oil besides the region and colour?

  9. I love JBCO and in two years it has revived my hair and made it soft and manageable. The pure unrefined dark Jamaican Black Castor Oil does it for me, although it is so difficult to find in the UK!