Hair Therapy Wrap

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Promises: Are you looking to breathe life back into your dry, damaged, over processed hair?

Then look no further than the Hair Therapy Wrap. Using special gel packs, the Hair Therapy Wrap combined with your favorite deep conditioner will enhance its restorative healing properties. Studies show that the thermal properties of the Hair Therapy Wrap aide in deeper product penetration into the hair shaft. With consistent use your hair will feel & look stronger and healthier. The Hair Therapy Wrap does not require any electricity to heat, just microwave the assembled wrap, place securely on your head and enjoy continuous warm heat for up to 30 minutes. Works well with deep treatments, hot oils or reconstructors. One size fits most.

Directions: The Hair Therapy Wrap is a reusable, heated hair wrap. Place a gel pack in each pocket of the Hair Therapy Wrap. There are 2 rounded side gel packs and 1 middle gel pack.
Make sure that gel packs lay flat in each compartment. Heat to desired temperature in a microwave. See heating instructions.
1. Place disposable inner plastic cap on head.
2. Fit Hair Therapy Wrap over plastic cap with tail part towards back.
3. Then at the base of the neck, simply twist the fabric firmly for a snug, drip-proof fit.
4. Use the hook and loop strip to secure tail on the top of the wrap.
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Place assembled Hair Therapy Wrap in a domestic microwave oven. Heat for around 80 seconds depending on desired heat. Test the heat at 10 second intervals to find out the desired heating time for your microwave. Do not touch the gel packs directly.

Stove Top Heating:
1. Bring 3 qts of water to a rolling boil.
2. Remove gel packs from Heat wrap and immerse only gel packs in heated water with kitchen tongs for no more than 5 minutes.
Do not put the heat wrap in the boiling water.
3. Remove gel packs from boiled water with kitchen tongs.

Allow hot water to drain, let cool for 1 minute. If too hot, you may use cotton gloves to handle gel packs

Ingredients: The toweling cover is 100% cotton and machine washable with gel packs.

The Truth: I got the Hair Therapy Wrap from HoneyFig earlier this week. I pushed back my relaxer just so that I can see how it works on hair that is 10 weeks post relaxer filled with coarse new growth. I followed the directions completely and I used the HTW for my light protein treatment and for my moisture deep treatment afterward. I'm shocked to say that the HTW remained warm for up to 30 mins plus. It gets really hot right out the microwave and then gradually cools off around 25-30mins (no lie). I felt so free walking around the house with it on my head. My hooded dryer holds me hostage with every deep condition, so this was a nice change!

After applying my leave-in conditioner, my hair felt extremely soft and supple, maybe a little too much. I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair!!! Honestly!!! My hair felt strong, super soft, fluffy and smooth once it was completely air dried. Don't get me wrong, my hair normally feels this way after a deep condition with my hooded dryer, but this took it to another LEVEL, remember I am 10 WEEKS POST relaxer. Overall, my hair was left with more moisture than it usual has at the end of my wash day. I am pleased.

What I like most is that it's very simple to use (young girls can use this), machine washable, and it's convenient. I can't wait to use this for future hot oil treatments :-]

$26.00 CAD

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Hairlicious Rating: (4/5) Very Good


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  1. Hmmm...okay, I'd like to try this. I'm also confined to my hood dryer or my heating cap. This would be a welcomed change for me.

  2. @ Rauney - Girl it's liberating!! LOL I think it will be a staple in my regimen *wink*

  3. I would really like to try this product, it sound very interesting. Your post was very enlighting and informative. Had me laughing. I will have to do a search to see when I can purchase this product online. Anyway recommendations? Will save me some time!

  4. ~From Short to Long~August 28, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    I wanted to try this, but I couldn't find any good reviews. Thanks!

  5. I think you sold me on it Sunshyne.. I have a heating cap but it uses electricity and it's pretty old and I don't feel safe using it.. I think I will purchase this!

  6. I just got this product and tried it- it's really great if you're looking to get a deep condition. You can always DC without heat, but this is a great option because the cap stays warm (but not too hot), is comfortable, and is easy :)

  7. I won this product at the Natural hair gathering hosted by BlackOnyx77 and PrettyDimples01 and I'm sooo glad I have an alternative to using the dryer when I deep condition... and it helps that it was free! lol

  8. I have owned this type of cap in the past. I actually liked it until one of the gel packets burst unbeknownst to me, leaked out and dripped onto my face. I sustained a fairly bad burn, and although it healed well, the mark from the burn is still there. So, be sure to inspect the gel packets prior to heating the cap, and to follow directions carefully when heating.