Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge Results Video

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is a video I put together quickly showcasing the results of several Hairlista Diva's while on the Castor Oil Challenge pt2. Enjoy =]

Part 3 is on the way...the countdown begins!!


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  1. I am IN! I can't wait for my own results!

  2. I'm in too! I had to stop the last one because the brand of Castor oil wasn't making my scalp happy. but i'm back in. can't wait to see more vids from you!

  3. @ S-hair = Great!! See on the Challenge

    @ OffdaShoulda = Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Glad everything is better. More videos to come =] thanks for watching!!

  4. I am so in for the next challenge. Can you please share with us who the women are in the video, I know some of them. I wanna check their pages on hairlista for more info. Tried to check the last challenge but all the info is off the page.

  5. @ Cuddly T - The Hair Models were...
    1. Nina Pruitt
    2. Rene Syler
    3. Belle
    4. Kinky Rhonnie

    They are all Hairlista members! =]

  6. Ok, so I'm new to Hairlista and I was just searching around the site and I stumbled on this challenge. Now, I know that I'm too late for the challenge, but I'm still really interested in trying out JBCO in my own regimen. Can you tell me exactly how you apply it to your hair because I don't want to accidently to end up putting in too much or too little or doing it wrong or whatever (I'm EXTREMELY new to taking care of my hair). Thanks.
    -Danielle L.