Hair Question: Is Lanolin Good For The Hair?

Sunday, August 09, 2009


"I am curious about the lanolin oil in the hollywood beauty castor oil. I've been reading that lanolin is a bad ingredient to have in any of your hair care products, so what about the hollywood beauty castor oil with mink oil? Is that ok to use ?"


Lanolin is a very greasy material produced by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Lanolin is a mixture of fatty acids, wax esters, and a complex mixture of other organic compounds. In its natural state, lanolin contains about 25-30% water by weight. When applied to skin or hair, it is very effective at penetrating the surface and enhancing moisture retention. Lanolin is also beneficial because it continues to absorb moisture from the air, and can thus act as a humectant for the skin or hair.

Lanolin is sometimes considered to be too thick and greasy to be used liberally on curly hair, as it can really weigh down the curls and create frizz, but this is really dependent upon the degree of curl. A person with extremely curly hair would find it very beneficial to their hair. Its unique and complex chemical composition should make it very easily removed from the hair with a gentle shampoo or conditioner wash.

In summary, lanolin is an excellent conditioning agent for hair, but consideration of hair type should be used when selecting products for hair. People with extremely curly hair (such as those with 3C, and the 4’s) can most likely use lanolin-containing products in their regimen and enjoy soft, smooth hair without losing curl or gaining frizz. Those with wavy or slightly curly hair (such as 2A, 2B, 3A, and 3B type) may find products containing lanolin to be too heavy.


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  1. All of the information that I have read on Lanolin has led me to believe that the above information is incorrect. I still believe it does not work on (people of color) hair. I have seen a big difference in the growth of my hair since I stop using products that contain Lanolin, Mineral oil or petroleum

  2. nothing can separate me and my Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil 'pomade'. Nothing!!! lol!

    Though I only use it once or twice a week, but it works wonders for my airdrying process.

    Thanks for breaking this down.

  3. Some companies use lanolin in their products because it is suppose to have a lot of good benefits cosmetic wise. However, quite a few companies do not use it because it can cause severe allergic reactions to those who are allergic to lanolin aka wool alcohol and/or wool (myself included). Which by the way, quite a few people are allergic to lanolin.

    Therefore, I have to double-check the ingredients in hair products, skin care, lotions, make-up and etc before I purchase them. Even known products that I have purchased in the past, some companies are good for "improving" or changing up the ingredients. So if you use lanolin or lanolin based products, then do not disregard any hives, itching, and/or pain that may appear after using such.

    Sorry for the long post. ~Mystique

  4. Lanolin works very well in my hair, as opposed to mineral oil. Mineral oil is way to heavy. Once a month, I usually deep condition with a lanolin hot oil treatment and then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Keeps my hair shiny and very healthy looking.