Castor Oil Challenge Part 3..Coming Soon!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part 3 will be taking place in exactly ONE WEEK.

I have some EXCITING NEWS for all my Hairlista Members participating, be sure to check out the Castor Oil Challenge Part 3 Group on to find out more!!! HURRY UP...nowwwww


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  1. I'm usually either really late to the challenges going on, or I'm just not interested in them; so I'm really excited to be here for this one! I've been meaning to try this out with my hair issues that recently popped up, this is perfect. Thank you so much for the heads up. :)

  2. Count me in! I finally have my JBCO ready to go!

  3. I usually miss the beginning of these challenges also. So excited that I caught this one. I am so in! Hopefully i'll be able to keep up with an extremely active 7 month old. Good Luck everyone.

  4. Im joining!!!!

    where can i purchase jbco??

  5. Im in as well!!!! I cant wait to start the challenge. my jbco is on its way

  6. Hi Ladies, I just joined the site and challange,im going to order jbco but have a question,do you put this on your scalp right?

  7. I am starting this challenge and I cannot wait, I have been applying the JBCO on a lil earlier because I have in braids but I will do the whole challenge and I'm super excited. I have my hubby in on the challenge too...and my daughter who house of growing hair. I luv it.

  8. Count me in, I ordered mine today, it should be here soon via fed-ex :)

    Is this the page we sign up on?

  9. I think im late..but i am still going to use my castor oil 2x a day!! :)

  10. i know this sounds weird, but I really wanted to start the challenge>> but i can't seem to find JBCO anywhere; and BTW I live in Jamaica!!! lol


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