Product Haul: Hair Accessories

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's that time again!!

Is it just me? For some reason, my pile of hair accessories is slowly decreasing, like honestly, where did my stuff go?? Ugh...

So I made my way over to Ardene (Similar to Clair's) and I caught a Buy 5/$10 sale, here's what I picked up:

4 Stretchy headbands, mix of Blacks/whites/grays

4 All black headbands, 2 with bows at the side (cute!)

Set of scrunchies with small brown claw clips for my buns

2 Claw clips with faux Burberry-like Print (Love them!)

2 sets of Gold, Bronze, Silver and Black Bobby Pins. Love the Glitter. Never had anything like this before (usually it's basic black)

1 Stretchy headband with brown satin material through the gold rings, and a braided gold headband

The PILE!!


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  1. they're all so cute! i think your set for awhile as long as these dont disappear lol

  2. I love the burberry-ish claw clips! Very cute! My hair stuff tends to disappear too so I feel you!

  3. Love your haul! I hope I can find similar items at Claire's or some place. I prefer fabric headband because the plastic and metal ones can be too tight.
    - jmason

  4. Sunshyne, don't forget to should how you'll use the glitter bobby pins. :-)
    - jmason

  5. That stuff looks so cute! I have a ques tho, how do you keep those cute headbands on? I get them and love em, then they keep sliding off all day!

  6. Thank you ladies for the nice comments. Yes Amanda, I think I'm done for now too. LOL

    I'll try to come up with some hairstyles and show you all. The non-fabric type headbands stay on my hair all day. I don't have a problem with them at all.

    Overall I'm glad you guys like them :-)

  7. that's my type of shopping ! great ! i love the faux burberry, a lot !
    i come shop with you anytime ! lol