Update On The Udo's Oil Blend 3-6-9 & Multi-Vitamins

Monday, February 01, 2010

Back in October 2009, I started taking Progressive Women Multi-Vitamins along with Udo's Oil 3,6,9 Blend (look here for a quick recap) for overall health. I took these supplements consistently (until finished) and I did see an improvement in my skin and nails.

The multi-vitamins were somewhat annoying because you have to take 3 pills daily and majority of the time I took 1-2 a day since I would always forget. My skin looked vibrant and remained somewhat clear of acne (did get a few pimples here & there). My nails stopped breaking and started to grow strong. Overall, the vitamins were good. I had high hopes that it would perform better, but I should have taken it the right way in order to see optimal results. Next time around I will buy a vitamin that only requires me to take it 1-2 times daily.

The taste of the Udo's 3-6-9 Oil Blend was AWFUL!! (kind of a nutty flavor). I dreaded taking it every single day. Most days I had to chug it down with juice, food....whatever I could find!! I promised myself that when I finished the bottle, I would purchase capsules (no taste) so that I wouldn't have to go through that horrible process again. I must say that it did improve my digestion where food was concerned. No bloating or heaviness after eating :-)

Oh, I almost forgot, NEVER take this oil on an empty stomach or else you will feel extremely sick and nauseated. That was another "con" in my opinion. If I do repurchase this product, I will purchase it in capsule form.


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  1. Hi! We make the Udo's Oil and I personally mostly recommend mixing the oil in with food. Just like I wouldn't chug olive oil, Udo's oil can be mixed with balsamic vinegar, fresh lemon juice, etc for a home made dressing for salad, or mixed into soups, smoothies, etc. That will likely work much better for you!

    Thanks for the support and the hair/nails advice!

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  3. Thank you both for the comments. I appreciate the support. Thank you Amanda for the heads up on the treatment. I'll look into this treatment. The info you provided was helpful.