Naturalista Series™ Presents: Nia

Monday, April 26, 2010

What's your name and where are you from?

Nia Imani Johnson and I am from Darlington, South Carolina

Have you always been natural? If not, what inspired you to go natural? Did you transition? If so, for how long?

I have been natural for a year this past March. I was one of those sisters who went to the salon every week and kept a fresh relaxer and loved it. But I always loved natural hair and how versatile it is. One day I went from armpit length to ear length with a really cute cut. After that I decided that I wanted to take that step and go natural and have never looked back. I transitioned for a year with kinky twists and then finally BC’d. I felt I was ready.

What is your hair type?

4b/c in a few places.

What do you love most about being natural?

I love being able to wash my hair whenever I want to. Not running from the rain and going to beach without worrying about my hair. I love that I can be straight one minute and rock a curls the next. I love being different and not like the next woman when I walk in a room. I get stares and people ask, is that your hair or how did you that!

What are your hair goals for 2010?

At first I was obsessed with length and I would have answered to get to arm pit length. I still want that, but I want to focus on healthy hair and being more consistent with my deep conditioning. I have a steamer and I only use it about once a month. I want to change that and use it at least twice a month.

Name a few challenges you are currently facing with your hair. Have you been doing anything different to overcome these challenges?

My current challenge is, now that my hair has grown, my twist outs are not as cute as they used to be mainly because I need some shape to my hair. The back of my hair grows faster and my sides are growing out instead of down! I have been trying to find really cute protective styles to wear and have ordered a couple of half wigs to try out.

What styles do you love to wear the most and why? How do you go about achieving this style?

Right now I am wearing wash and go’s. Now that it is warm it is so easy to wash and let my hair air dry. I usually leave the conditioner in my hair after the second co wash and twirl my curls around with my finger to better define them.

List the products that you use and how you use them. What is your current hair regimen? share what works for you!

I am now using Hello Hydration and Suave Shea and Almond. I always add extra oils to my conditioner i.e. Olive, grape seed, Shea butter, coconut, vitamin E and argan oil. I usually pre-poo with honey, olive oil and water for about an hour. Then I co-wash with the Hello Hydration. I detangle in the shower in sections. If I am deep conditioning I use ORS and get under my steamer for about 20 minutes. I then rinse, co wash a second time with the Suave and leave it in. I then squeeze the excess water out with a towel. I then get small sections of my hair and start to twirl the section of my hair that does not curl on their own. I have my water bottle on hand. When I finish I spritz my hair with my homemade spritz made with water, coconut oil, Jamaican black Castor oil, grape seed oil and vegetable glycerin. I then let it air dry. Lately I have been trying Miss Jessie’s stretch silkening crème and using that on the ends of my hair and so far so good!!!! I also love Oyin Handmade products, I just need to get some more!! Their Honey Hemp conditioner and Shine and Define give me the best twist outs!

What products do you use to achieve soft beautiful curl definition?

Shea Butter and leave-in conditioner in my hair have really helped. My hair has curls in places and some places it is just really fluffy. Really defining them with the conditioner in my hair has really given me a uniformed curl.

How do you detangle your hair?

Currently, I detangle my hair in sections in the shower with lots of conditioner. I do not lose as much hair as when I wait until I detangle after I wash.

What product or technique would you say really helped your hair flourish?

I think Shea butter and adding the different oils to my conditioner have really helped with the moisture and growth.

Do you have any advice for other naturals?

My most important advice would be to join Hairlista!!!! I have learned so much about styles and products and have met so many naturals that have given me great advice. The best advice is not to compare your hair to anyone else. You are different, unique and learn to appreciate that!

Where on the web can we find more about you and your styles?

On Hairlista!!

Check me out!!!

Thank you Nia for sharing all that information with us!

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