Castor Oil Challenge Part 5 - HAS BEGUN!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Come join in on the fun!

This challenge will take place from Oct. 17th (today) - December 31st (New Years Eve). Go into 2011 with longer thicker hair!!

There's also a NEW level to join in at, the Extreme Level, which I think I will be participating in. I'm challenging myself to do this hard level, we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck and I wish all the challengers good luck as well.


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  1. Lets get ready to ruuumble!! Good luck, everyone. lol @ me being a day late.

  2. Hello..what does the extreme level consist of?

  3. I'm there! It's winter time so why not? I'm gonna get my bottle next week so I'll be late but I'll make up the time on the other end.

  4. what does the extreme level consist of?

  5. I've been consistent on the challenge even when the hairlista challenge was on break so this is a piece of cake, as long as I've got money to buy JB. Good luck ladies, we will have the thickness we desire!

  6. I'm in - more info please!!! Just ordered JBCO for the first time :)

  7. I'm in it to WIN it....(thicker fuller healthier hair)


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