My Top 12 Products/Methods/Tools/Styles Of 2010

Friday, December 31, 2010

12. Banding
- Ultimate Summer hairstyle making it easy to retain and show length.

11. Banana Pin Curl Style
- Simple protective style I loved to rock this year.

10. ION Effective Care Intensive Therapy Treatment
- Used this product at the beginning of the year and I had to revisit it towards the end. Great moisture/protein balanced deep conditioner.

9. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo
- Great sulfate free shampoo that leaves your hair moist and helps promote growth.

8. Creme of Nature Creme Conditioning Shampoo
-Contains a mild sulfate but nonetheless a wonderful shampoo that doesn't make your hair feel stripped.

7. CHI Pink Camo Flat Iron
- The absolute best flat iron for my hair. I've tried others but none compare. I pass and my hair is straight. Love it!!

6. CHI Rocket Blow Dryer
- Love this tool. I used it at least once a week. I mainly use the cool shot button to help speed up the drying time while I air dry my hair. It leaves my hair hanging straight and my cuticles laying flat.

5. Coconut oil treatment on dry hair
- Awesome way to revitalize your hair. This treatment always made my hair stronger and fuller looking.

4. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
- This product is on my list again!! LOL Where would my hair be without this oil? I have no idea. It's a must-have for me. It promotes growth and thickness all in 1.

3. Scurl No Drip Activator
- This product wins again!! My absolute favourite moisturizer, leave-in conditioner and new growth softener. It's my BFF

2. Low manipulation
- Tried my best to bun and finger comb as much as I could and I reached my goal of MBL.

1. Self Relaxing
- This was a huge MILESTONE for me in my hair journey. Very monumental. With the help of my sister, I am stylist-free when it comes to relaxing my own hair!

Do you have any
Top 12 Products/Tools/Styles/Methods of 2010?
If so, share them with me :)


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  1. Here's my top 12.....
    12. I revisited HE LTR LEAVE-IN and it's great!
    11. BUNNING is my bff!
    10. NUTIVA COCONUT OIL is wonderful. I purchased a 54oz jar which should last.....oh an eternity. lol
    9. I made APL!!!
    8. My SHOWER COMB is simply amazing!
    7. Adding PEPPERMINT OIL to my jbco, shampoo, and dc allows me to experience thicker growth.
    6. I revisited MANE 'N TAIL DETANGLER and it's a must for a HHJ!
    5. VITALE HAIR MAYO (Lovely light protein dc)
    4. I created many more PROTECTIVE STYLES with my own hair which included a combination of large braids and buns. More to come in 2011!
    3. My LONGEST STRETCH EVER is going exceptionally well (19 weeks).
    2. SHEA MOISTURE ORGANIC RAW SHEA BUTTER RETENTION SHAMPOO is the best moisturizing shampoo ever imo- it defines my ng, is sulfate free, infused with argan oil and detangles better than any conditioner could ever!! It's now a permanent staple of mine.
    1. I also became a SELF-RELAXER and it's the best feeling ever to have complete control of my own hair. The half and half method works best for me b/c I don't have to rush and I can be very thorough.

    P.S: Sunshyne, I didn't know that C.O.N had a creme conditioning shampoo, I though it was Elasta QP (which I LOVE).