Product Wish List: Huetiful Hair Steamer

Saturday, August 24, 2013

I want one! 

I know I may be a bit late on the "Huetiful Hair Steaming bandwagon", however, I've been getting a lot of emails and messages from my Hairlistas wanting to know my opinion on whether or not this steamer is good to use in their hair journey. I steam my hair, but I can only vouch for the steamer I've used - and it's great! So, it got me thinking, "why don't I just get one so I can test it out for myself". 

The Huetiful Hair Steamer is very popular, especially among those who are on healthy hair care journeys. Part of the reason why I would like to try the Huetiful Steamer is because it has the table top functionality, its small in size for easy storage and the face steaming option. I would also like to explore the pros and cons of the Huetiful Hair Steamer in comparison to my current steamer at home.

Do you Steam your hair? If so, with what steamer?

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  1. Hi Sunshyne,

    I steam on a weekly basis and it gives my hair so much life. I have a professional standing steamer that I purchased from Sam's Club and it is wonderful. I have used it for so long it is hard to remember what it was like before I used it. However, I believe that it allows my conditioner to absorb into my hair. I usually add peppermint and rosemary oil to my conditioners so my scalp gets a tingling sensation and I get the feeling that my conditioner is penetrating deep within my hair follicles. It is the best feeling. I don't know the name of my steam but it is from the Keller Corporation.

  2. I just wrap my hair in a wet turban, cover with a plastic cap and go under my hooded dryer!!

    I likely have a cross-country move coming up in the next year and once I am settled, I may invest in one!

  3. I steam at home with a LCL hair steamer or using the DIY steaming method (which I actually prefer). I like being able to adjust the height on a stand-up model and it can be set up anywhere. I also like the bigger and wider hood. I hope you are able to get one and do a comparison to see if I made the right purchase!

  4. Hey Sunshyne,
    I was caugh into the 'Huetiful Hair Steaming bandwagon' 6 months ago and I've been using Huetiful steamer ever since cause I'm completely satisfied. I was scare, at first, to buy a huge steamer because my place is pretty small, but this one is so easy to store. My prepoo and conditionners penetrates so well in my hair shaft : I've really noticed a huge difference.
    As for the price is pretty high indeed, but in the long run, it definately worth it.

  5. Thanks sunshyne, what do you mean by cheapie conditioner? give an example and will I add it to the egg mixture with oils and sitting under a steaming machine?
    Example of such reconstructor with hydrolysed keratin!
    Pls need your advise on products to use as a beginer on my hair journey, neef cheap but good ones as a student stil under parents and here an average also most of such products are rare to find in this part of the country except ordering on line pls...
    mosturizing conditioner, deep conditon, protein treatment, leave in (conditioner), moisturizer, sealant, shampoo, cowash moisturizing conditioner. Thanks I think thats all

  6. This may be a silly question, but what is the difference or added benefit to steaming vs. a heat cap?

  7. This may be a silly question, but what is the difference or added benefits to using a steamer vs. heat cap?

  8. I have heard of this steamer, but don't have one. Never really thought about getting a hair steamer, maybe a hard hat hair dryer. Don't really have any hair tools other than a flat iron and a blow dryer. Just went to the site and the cost is $117. Good Luck, hopefully you can get this and try it out. Curious as to how it works. :)

  9. @ Temmy - Sunshyne might be talking about V05 or Suave conditioners. If you are a Hairlista member, check out the Home page for list of products and the Newbie Central group.

    I got my steamer from LCL Beauty about 2 years ago. I was interested in the Huetiful steamer for portability and storage. However, I realized that I would have the same problem that I had with my tabletop hooded dryer... getting the chair and dryer height right. Otherwise, I'm constantly adjusting chair and/or dryer. Plus, the LCL steamer takes tap water and was on sale for a lot less than the Huetiful steamer.

    In the winter time, I usually steam every other week. This summer has been really hot so I've only steamed twice since early June. Sometimes I'll do the DIY steam treatment when I don't want to get the steamer out. Overall, I like how steam helps my hair.

    It's a good investment. If you can't afford it or don't have the space for one, the DIY steam treatment works very well too!

  10. Hey Sunshyne! I do a DIY steam treatment with a hot wet towel, plastic cap and my hood drier. Works wonders. I'm stil in debate if I want to purchase a hair steamer though. Huitiful is having a Labor Weekends sale $99 (thanks Instagram!). So, if your in budget for one this weekend is a great opportunity to order one. Be blessed! :o)