Have Your Say: How Often Do You Flat Iron?

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I usually flat iron my hair after a relaxer, which is normally every 10-12 weeks. I blow dry on cool air and then flat iron it (1-2 passes only). I never blow dry my hair on the "hot" setting.  For my hair, less is better. Using the "cool" setting smoothes my hair, seals in moisture and allows my cuticles to lay flat.  I'm curious to know how often you apply direct heat to your hair.

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  1. I prefere to blow dry it straight. It goes quicker and become more straight and smooth.

  2. Hey Sunshine
    whats the best kind of flat iron that you would recommend?

    1. There are several that are very good: sedu, CHI, FHI, Hana. I've only used the CHI and Hana. Both work very well in making the hair straight and sleek. The Hana flat iron has a temperature gauge so you can adjust the amount of heat coming out. They both have ceramic plates to help lock in the moisture and make the hair smooth.

  3. I do it a few times a year at best maybe three but two out of the three is on air dry hair n I have a fhi