5 Signs Indicating You Have Low Porosity Hair

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

 Does Your Hair...
  1. Take forever to dry after washing it?
  2. Have a hard time absorbing moisture, but retains moisture really well once it's accepted?
  3. Have a difficult time absorbing deep conditioners?
  4. Feel as though products just sit on top of your strands? They don't penetrate fully?
  5. Tend to resist chemical services i.e. relaxers, colour etc.

Low Porosity Hair is when your cuticles are tightly closed preventing the absorption of moisture into the strands. The cuticle is quite resistant to opening and readily accepting water. Opening the cuticle may be troublesome, but once it's open, it will accept, hold on/ retain moisture for a long period of time. The main focus with low porosity hair is to get the cuticles open! Low Porosity hair is easy to take care of once you understand how!

Quick Tips:

  • Steam frequently - Warm steam vapours help to raise the cuticles and allow the deep conditioner to absorb easily into the hair shaft.
  • Moisturize on damp hair - This allows the cuticles to raise slightly thus giving your moisturizer the chance to penetrate the hair strands. Once the hair receives the moisture, it will hold on to it very well.
  • Baggy your hair often - Baggying will help raise the cuticles drawing moisture into the hair
  • Always use heat when you deep condition - Heat allows the hair cuticles to raise/open. The deep conditioner can then easily penetrate into the hair cortex giving nutrients i.e. moisture, protein etc. to the hair strands.
  • Clarify often - 2-3x/month will help lift the hair cuticles allowing any deep conditioners, leave-ins, moisturizers to penetrate easily.

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  1. Good tips! It took me a while to figure out that I need to clarify more and use heat to deep condition.

    1. Yes it does take time to register. Heat does wonders for low porosity hair!

  2. I can attest to these.. Ive never tried clarifying more and using steam but ill incorporate that in my regimen. Fingers crossed, lol.

    1. Clarifying helps lift the cuticles allowing the products to penetrate better. Hope this will help you.

  3. I'm new and I heard that too much clarifying is bad for your hair. the article says clarify frequently would you suggest that I clarify on my wash days which is once a week?

    1. Hi :) actually that's way too often. It's best to clarify once a month and follow up with a moisturizing shampoo to restore softness.

  4. Hello sunshyne please explain the diff between clarifying and chelating. Some people use shampooing clarifying and chelating interchangeably which is confusing.And when should one clarify or chelate at a point in time.Thanks.

    1. No problem, many use a chelating shampoo rather than a clarifying shampoo for a number of different reasons i.e. it has sulfates which helps remove dirt and build up, it removes mineral and calcium deposits from hard water or no lye relaxers, etc. I would suggest only using a chelating shampoo if you have hard water or suffer from dull lifeless hair due to mineral deposits on the hair. It's very potent.


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