5 Reason's Why You Should Pick Darker Oils In Your Regimen

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ever notice how two of the same oils can be in two different shades? 

I always have Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my arsenal; but one day I started using it to seal in my moisture just to switch things up a bit. I couldn't stand it! My hair felt dry, hay-like and crispy. I said "forget this", I'm only going to use this in my deep conditioner. 

My sister then started raving about how she found a new love in Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a sealant. I was quite shocked but when she showed me her EVOO, it was vastly darker than the EVOO I had. I tried her darker Extra Virgin Olive oil, which was more "greenish" in colour, on my hair and I loved it! My hair felt softer and retained moisture much better than the one I was using. 

Ah ha! That's when it dawned on me - again (discovered this Dark Oil Benefit with Grapeseed Oil)! Darker oils tend to be more potent, thicker and overall healthier in nature for your hair. 

Benefits of Darker Coloured Oils:
  • Unrefined/ Not filtered
  • Potent with nutrients
  • Thicker in consistency
  • Tend to be dark green
  • Holds/retains moisture 

Be sure to look out for those darker oils that appear "greenish" in colour (Olive oil, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil etc.)  Your hair will thank you!

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