Straight Talk: On The Art of Damp Bunning

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Damp bunning is my favorite go-to style during the summer. I’ve worn buns since the beginning of my hair journey in 2008, and it’s a staple of mine. It’s a low-manipulation style that allows you to lock in moisture for a long period of time.

The Purpose
The purpose of bunning while your hair is slightly damp is to help lock moisture into the hair for a prolonged period of time. When I damp bun my hair, my ends are tucked away preventing moisture from easily escaping. My relaxed hair remains protected and moist throughout the entire day with this low manipulative style

Damp Bun on Wash Days
I bun my slightly damp hair on wash-days (after a deep condition or co-wash) or right after I moisturize and seal. Prior to bunning my hair, I focus on applying moisturizer down the length of my hair, and then I seal with a mixture containing olive oil, coconut oil and jojoba oil for softness. The trick is to put your hair into a bun immediately while your hair is still damp.

It Makes a Difference
Damp bunning has really made a difference in my hair’s ability to retain length during the summer months. The summer heat has a way of drying out my relaxed hair; however, damp bunning has been able to counteract those effects. My ends are protected, moist and happy which means less trimming! Bunning my hair while damp has helped me to maintain high moisture levels despite the hot summer sun. It’s quick and easy while on the go!

Switch It Up
I like to change up my buns too. I either opt for a damp sleek top-knot or a sophisticated low damp bun for the day! I gently brush my edges back with a soft boar bristle brush and go! Are you a damp bun lover? If so, what do you love most about it?

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  1. I haven't kept with damp bunning long enough to make an informed decision. The few times that I've done it has worked really great though.

    1. It's great! I love doing it, especially during the warmer months. It really helps to lock in moisture.

  2. I'm reluctant to try this because when I airdry, my ends turn frizzy and dry while the rest of my hair remains moist and damp. I'm using Elasta QP H-2 Leave In, but it still happens. Is there any way I can combat this?

    1. Frizzy ends is an indication that your leave-in/moisturizer is not providing enough moisture to your hair or you are in need of a trim. Damp bunning allows your hair to dry in a structured style (not loose) preventing frizz from occuring.

  3. didn't even know it is called damp bunning, but I have been on my hair journey for only 9 months and accidently dampened my hair before a bun. I notice later that my hair was still very moisturized, especially the inside still after three days. so I have become a damp bunner. so good since I wear my hair in a bun 90% of the time.

    1. Yes! it locks moisture into the hair for hours. I love it. It's easy and convenient! I'm happy to hear that it's been working well with your hair. Keep it up.


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