Loving My Relaxed Hair™ Presents: Stephanie

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Introduce yourself! what's your name? where are you from?
Hello Lista's! My name is Stephanie. I'm originally from Westchester, New York, and currently reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

How would you describe your hair? What's your hair type?
My hair type is 3a/3b. I occasionally suffer from dry scalp and I'm protein sensitive.

When did you start your relaxed hair journey? What is your hair regimen? Share a few of your "go-to" hair products.

I started my hair relaxed hair journey March 30, 2014. My hair regimen consists of:
  • Shampoo with a sulfate free shampoo and use a deep conditioner once a week with heat
  • Moisture and Seal every other day with Giovanni Weightless Direct Leave In and my oil of choice
  • Scalp Massages weekly
  • Use Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor Spray on wash days
  • Use a silk bonnet or scarf at night
  • Relaxers every 9-10 weeks

    My"Go-to" Hair Products: 
  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
  • Giovanni Direct Leave In Weightless Conditioner
  • ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner
My oils of course: EVCO, EVOO, almond oil, avocado oil, and JBCO

What #1 hair tip you would pass on to other relaxed haired ladies who are starting their hair journey?
Clip your ends on a regular basis! I think this is one of the biggest reasons why I am able to retain length without any major setbacks. I have a weak area in the back of my hair, so I make sure to pay close attention to that spot.

Nowadays it's becoming more uncommon to see relaxed hair or products geared towards relaxed hair. Do you feel the pressure to go natural? Why or why not? What are your thoughts on the natural hair movement?
I can honestly say, I don't see myself going natural anytime soon. With my busy schedule, I think going natural at this point will require too much maintenance and time that I don't have much of. I love my relaxed hair. At the end of the day, whether its relaxed or natural it doesn't matter, as long as its healthy!

Why do you choose to remain relaxed while many are transitioning back to their natural hair?
This journey for me was my own little personal challenge, something that I wanted to see if I could do. I really want to show my friends and other young girls that relaxed hair can grow with patience and the proper care.

What do you absolutely love about your relaxed tresses? And why?
I love all the different styles I can try out from curly to buns. I think its versatile.

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Hairlista Profile: Stephanie
Instagram: sweetestgirl_88

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  1. She has gorgeous hair. She's doing a good job of taking care of it.

  2. Lovely......I'm going back a relaxer at the end of this year.

  3. Her hair is so gorgeous and healthy!