Castor Oil Challenge Part 10 Results - My Edges Are Coming Back!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Where O' Where have my edges gone? Correction - just the right side! Hairlistas, I must confess, my edges on the right side has slowly thinned out without me even noticing. It was only until one random day in early September 2015, I noticed that my edges on the right side was so see-through. I was shocked, scared and worried all in one breath. I had no idea what may have triggered it, maybe stress? tight bunning? Who knows! With that being said, I was quickly inspired to start the Castor Oil Challenge Part 10 with the goal of growing out my edges, hairline and nape in 3 months (September - December 2015). 

I joined the Castor Oil Challenge at the Extreme Level which required participants to:
  • Apply Castor Oil to the scalp every other day followed by a scalp massage (2-5mins focusing on damaged areas)
  • Adding 1-2 tsps to a weekly deep conditioner

Because I designed this challenge to be "open", meaning participants could use any mixture of Castor oil they desired i.e. Castor oil with coconut oil, Castor oil with Rosemary etc. as long as it had Castor oil in it, I opted for the Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil and the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Rosemary - instead of pure JBCO. This combination seemed much more rigorous in promoting hair growth.

I mixed the two products together to form 1 oil that I would apply to my scalp/edges/hairline every other day. I'm happy to say that I was quite disciplined in sticking to my regimen. I oiled and massaged my edges for 2 mins with the pads of my fingers in circular motions.

Here are my "Before" and "After" pictures:

It's much fuller and stronger than before. It doesn't feel fragile like before either. Please excuse my hair in the December photos - I took down two flat twists so my hair was slightly wavy in the front. Now I can grab the hairs on the right side easily as it gathers together better in my fingers. 

Moving forward, I plan on doing loose buns and wearing my hair down more to lessen any possible strain on my edges (both left and right). Though I'm not where I want to be yet with the overall look of my edges, there is still more work to do, this is progress! I guess this what hair journey's are all about :)

How was the Castor Oil Challenge for YOU? Share your experience below.

If you haven't already, post your "before" and "after" photo in the Castor Oil Challenge forum on

or send your #castoroilchallengepart10 photos to:

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  1. Great results. :-) I'm using the JBCO with rosemary oil too!

  2. I did the castor oil at intermediate level because castor oil gives me an itchy scalp. To me it was very revealing. The main result that I got was softer new growth! I ususally struggle with my 2 textures (relaxed and new growth). I do not think my hair grew faster. But at the same time, I have to admit that I did not do all the massages that I was suppose too.

    Sunshyne, I wanted to continue the challenge part of my regular regimen. A doctor once told me that she does advise to use a product for more than 6 months because the human body would get "used" to the product ans would not respond as well as during the first 6 months. What do you think since have been using castor oil on your scalp for a while now? Also, do you have a good deep moisturizing condition with a lot of slip to advise? I fijd that my hair respond very well to ors replenishing conditioner. But since it is a mid (protein and moisturizer), I wanted to alternate with another moistuzing conditioner with a lot of slip. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all Hairlistas!!!


    1. Hi Steph,

      Thank you Hun for participating in the challenge. You can definitely use Castor oil for longer periods of time or make it a permanent staple in your regimen. I'll definitely be open to extending the Castor oil challenge to 6 months. Thanks for the tip. As for moisture deep conditioners with slip, I would suggest Shea moisture Manuka and Honey Mask, Keracare Humecto, or Creme of nature moisture extreme conditioner.