How I Prepare My Hair For Relaxer Day and More - Detailed Overview!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Relaxer day always brings excitement as it only comes 4 times a year! That's right! I only relax 4x/year i.e. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall using ORS Olive Oil Normal Strength Relaxer (lye). I never started out this way but, over the years, I slowly began to stretch my relaxers from every 8 weeks to every 12-14 weeks. If you aren't there yet, don't worry, stretching your relaxers takes patience and practise. 

So today, I took my relaxer prep and tools to Periscope to share with my Hairlistas a quick run through of how I prep my hair prior to applying my relaxer. If you missed it, check out my twitter page for Relaxer Prep- Quick Run Through videos!

My relaxer prep has by far become one of the most important steps I've incorporated into my healthy hair care regimen, as it has allowed my hair to remain healthy. Here is a detailed breakdown of what I do one(1) week prior to relaxer, relaxer day and one(1) week after my relaxer..

One (1) Week Prior To Relaxer:
  1. I use a clarifying shampoo to rid my hair and scalp of any build up. This allows my new growth to accept the relaxer better.
  2. I follow up with a medium protein reconstructor/treatment for 20 minutes using heat.
  3. I follow up with a  moisturizing deep conditioner to soften and moisturize my strands.
  4. I apply my leave-in and air dry.

Day of Relaxer:

  1. I apply Roux Porosity Control to my entire head, neglecting my new growth, focusing on coating my previously relaxed strands. The Porosity control is pH balanced (pH 4.5); therefore, when in contact with the relaxer, has I'm rinsing it out, it will begin to neutralize the relaxer for me preventing overlap and over-processed hair. In essence, the relaxer will stop working as it touches my ends. Not to mention, because it has so much slip, it helps to detangle my hair. 
  2. I apply the coconut oil over the porosity control, again avoiding my new growth, to aid in separating any knots/tangles in my hair, but to also protect my hair from relaxer run-off. The coconut oil gives my hair a quick treatment prior to neutralizing. 
  3. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is applied to my forehead, temples, ears and the skin around my nape for protection. It works like a charm = no burns!
  4. As "ol skool" as DAX is, its a gem! I use this grease a final step to coat my previously relaxed hair. Because it's petroleum based, the relaxer stands no chance in penetrating through the grease during the relaxer rinse out step. DAX creates a barrier, between my strands and the relaxer, and that is why it will forever be a part of my relaxer prep regimen (the neutralizing shampoo removes all traces of the petrolatum). 
... last step
Taken with my iPhone 6s+

I part my hair from ear to ear. I tackle the front and my sister tackles the back during the relaxer process! I part my hair in one inch sections (approximately) all over, and begin to twist loosely. With this step, I'm able to lift each twist and apply the relaxer directly to my new growth. These sections help in applying the relaxer quickly and effectively. Not to mention, I have more control this way. 

Of course gloves are a must! I love the fact that these latex gloves are cheap and they work on my touchscreen phone aka my timer (25 minutes on the clock!) for my relaxer. My sprushes come in handy when applying my relaxer - no snagging or breakage! Plus my fine tooth-comb glides through my new growth (at the back only!) to straighten it out.

  1. After 25 minutes on the clock, I rinse out my relaxer and follow up with my neutralizing shampoo. I rinse the relaxer out thoroughly and do a quick shampoo to stop the relaxer from processing further. I then lather up again and this time I let the shampoo sit on my hair (just like conditioner) for a total of 5 mins. I do this twice and then follow up with a 10 minute session (i.e. the shampoo sits on my hair for 5 mins, 5 mins and then 10 mins). 
  2. I then follow up with my sulfate free shampoo to restore extra softeness and slip to my hair.

The best part .... deep conditioning! Each relaxer day consists of my ORS Olive Oil Relaxer (lye/normal strength) and my ORS Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner - awesome combo! The replenishing conditioner gives my hair a great balance of both moisture while restoring strength after a relaxer. I mix a couple of my favourite oils i.e. Coconut oil and JBCO right into my conditioner for an oil treatment. I go straight under the steamer for extra conditioning benefits for 30 minutes. That's it!

I then apply my leave-in conditioner and air dry. Sometimes I pull out my flat iron for a sleek look, other times I just moisturize, seal and do a bouncy braid out!

One (1) Week After Relaxer:
  1. I go back to my regular routine of using a light protein reconstructor on dry hair with coconut oil for 15-20mins with heat. 
  2. Follow up with a sulfate free shampoo. 
  3. Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner, plus oils, for 30 mins. 
  4. Apply my leave-in and air dry! 

All done!!

What is your relaxer day process like? What tips and tricks do you use to prep for your relaxer? or for the day of your relaxer?

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  1. Very strick and nice! Love your relaing process.
    check out my blog if you want!

  2. Never thought to coat my relaxed hair with Roux prior to touching up! And Dax takes me back to getting my hair pressed as a lil girl! Great tips girlie, can't wait to see your update!


  4. you coat the heck outta your hair! I ain't mad tho, your thickness is beautiful. I only use castor oil, I see I need another layer or two. May really try this on my next relaxer

  5. do you comb the relaxer through with the fine tooth comb? I noticed in this post you mentioned: "my fine tooth-comb glides through my new growth (at the back only!) to straighten it out"
    Does that mean you only comb it through in the hair in the back, or did you mean the back of the comb?

  6. Sunshyne,

    Have you ever heard of/ used Aphogee 2 min recon or any other product to stop the neutralizing process after rinsing relaxer & let sit a few minutes on hair before neutralizing and then proceeded to neutralize & wash hair?