How To: 4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles

Thursday, November 24, 2016

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

It's been approximately 2.5 weeks since I installed my 3D Crochet Braids and I loving them dearly! It's so easy to style not to mention the hair accessories added to any style really help to 'kick it up a notch'!  Oh and the random compliments are a bonus too :)

Here are my 4 go-to styles I've been rocking while wearing my crochet braids. They are super easy, cute, great for different occassions and gentle on the scalp.

My absolute favourites would be the Top Knot and the Side Flat Twist. Here is a quick pictorial of how I create these two styles:

Step 1: I place my hair accessories in my braids in areas that I like. You can get them at any Beauty Supply Store.
Hair Accessories for Crochet Braids on |

Step 2: I then start my flat twist from the right ear taking a few braids at a time.

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

Step 3: I continue twisting until I reach the left side all the way down to the ends. 

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

Step 4: I grab a few bobby pins to secure the flat twist at the back. All done!

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

Top Knot

Step 1: I grab a small section of hair (6-7 braids) at the top of my head.

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

Step 2: I begin to twist the small section of braids around in a clock wise motion. Tucking in any braids that may stick/pop out. 

4 Easy Crochet Braid Styles on |

Step 3: I secure it with 1-2 bobby pins and thats it! All Done. 

Wearing my hair down with a side part is a classy and elegant go-to look (perfect for the holidays) that doesn't require any steps to achieve - simply part & go! 

My other simple style, with the middle part and two twists at the side, is very easy and chic (follow steps from side flat twist and repeat steps on the left and right side, use bobby pins to secure- done!). 

I'm having a lot of fun with my braids and the variety of styles are endless!♥

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  2. I agree with Ryan...can you do a post on hairlista and why it's taking so long to be back up? I really miss it so much.

    1. Thanks guys for your patience. It will be back online shortly. There's a few issues I ran into so it's taking longer than expected.