Hairlicious Hair Tips - Valuable Tips I've Learned Through My Hair Journey!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Throughout my hair journey I've learned many valuable lessons, tips, words of advice that truly allowed me to stick to what works, keep things simple and stay motivated! I figured, why not share these significant yet simple tips?!

Below are several hair tips that have helped me stay on track and stick to the fundamentals of my hair regimen! Be sure to Pin, Tweet and Share these tips with your hair friends ♡


What hair tip/advice has stuck with you throughout your hair journey?

Hair Tip: Dry hair breaks! Only manipulate moisturized hair!

Hair Tip: Oils do not moisturize dry hair!

Hair Tip: Don't give up be consistently consistent with your hair journey!

Hair Tip: Build up inhibits hair growth! Clarify your hair.

Hair Tip: Avocado oil, Coconut oil and Olive oil are 3 penetrating oils that enter into the hair cortex.

Hair Tip: Protective and low manipulation hair styles are key to retaining length

Hair Tip: Find a regimen and products that work and stick to them!

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