Toronto's #LoveYourHairLive Hair Conference Featuring The Science of Black Hair - Audrey Davis-Sivasothy - My Hair Idol!

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Saturday was a dream come true for two reasons!

One.... I finally had some free time in my schedule to actually attend a Hair Conference in my OWN town


Two ... I had the pleasure of meeting my long-time hair care idol - Audrey Davis-Sivasothy! That's right, the author of infamous Hair Care Bible, The Science of Black Hair.

If you followed me on Twitter (@hairlicious) and my InstaStory on Instagram (@hairlicious), you would have experienced highlights of this event!

#LoveYourHairLive was held on Saturday April 29, 2017. It was a hair, beauty and wellness conference for Naturalistas in Toronto - but I went as a relaxed Hairlista to suck up any knowledge I could. The conference was created by Dr. Susan Walker, ND, WTS the owner of Earthtones Naturals Hair Care line.

The conference had a great balance of information that would assist anyone taking care of their hair from the inside out.  Dr. Susan Walker provided a comprehensive presentation on methods to achieve healthier hair through the foods you eat and why its important to eat right for optimal hair growth. Of course nutrition plays a huge role in your healthy hair care regimen and I'm glad Dr. Walker zoned in on diet. My takeaway from this portion of the seminar is that: with every meal, there should be a protein component along with some vegetables accompanied by LOTS of water throughout the day!

The second portion of the conference was dedicated to Audrey Davis-Sivasothy. Let me just school you on something right quick! Audrey, aka SistaSlick (her alias on the hair boards back in the day), has been my hair inspiration from 2007. I stalked her hair journey through black hair care forums, hair albums etc. and fell in love with her hair progress. I always considered "us" to be hair texture twins, although she didn't know it! Every product she used on her relaxed strands worked on my hair to a "T".  She's always been knowledgeable in the hair care field and I've learned so much from her!! The progress she achieved with her relaxed hair motivated and inspired me to start taking better care of my hair.

Audrey, with her soft southern accent, began her hair talk informing all the hairsistas that we (as black women) don't have a hair growth problem, we have a length retention problem! #Facts! I must say, Audrey packed her presentation with a chock full of demonstrations to give us amazing visuals to help comprehend the content better and to obtain great take away knowledge that can easily be applied i.e.
Hair Growth Equation: High Moisture + Low Manipulation + Time = Hair Growth! #KeepingItSimple. Audrey truly broke down the basics of healthy hair care for any and everyone to understand. 

My favourite part was the interactive "Lets Build A Moisturizer" game :) Participants were each given an ingredient card and were then instructed to build a moisturizer by arranging the ingredients in order that would be most beneficial to our hair. See below.

Much betterrrrr. Check out how mineral oil was disqualified! Ha! I think I would have swapped honey and replaced it with glycerin, so its much higher on the ingredient list...What about you?

The conference ended off with a panel discussion on hair typing and whether or not it truly matters in the hair care world. Thoughts surrounding Texturism was discussed. Texturism is real and frequently creates division within our hair community. There were many great responses by the panelists Ndija (The Natural Hair Advocate), Dr. Susan Walker (Earthtones Naturals) and Canadian Naturalistas.

Oh, and as a bonus, Audrey held a private VIP session focusing on hair regimen building for an intimate group size! You know me, I had to be there :) Audrey opened the floor to those who had burning regimen building questions and she answered each and every one!

Meeting Audrey in person was everything! She's so sweet, easy to talk to and she embraces you with her gorgeous smile! It was a pleasure finally meeting my hair idol! My hair journey now feels complete *sigh* :)

Of course vendors i.e. Earthtones Naturals, The Natural Hair Advocate, Curls Afrotique Satin Bonnets, Up North Naturals, CurlShoppe etc., to name a few, were in the house for our shopping pleasure!

Check'em out below!


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