5 Reasons Why I Steam My Hair

Monday, March 05, 2018

Hair steaming has consistently been a part of my regimen since 2011. Steaming utilizes moist heat for better moisture penetration into your hair strands while deep conditioning. If you haven't steamed your hair, you are definitely missing out!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@hairlicious) you would have seen on my IG Story a snippet of me deep conditioning under my hair steamer...

I had quite a few ladies DM me asking me about the brand/model of my steamer. To be honest, there's no particular "brand name", but there is a label on the steamer that reads "KT 3010" (I'm assuming this is the model?!). Anyway, I received my steamer as a gift but I'm certain it can be found online for purchase.

As you may/may not know, I have coarse 4b/c chemically relaxed hair therefore it craves hydration! I steam approximately 1x/week and I've noticed H U G E improvements in my hair, over the years, allowing me to achieve and maintain healthy moisturized hair.  Steaming has been a staple in my hair routine!

Check out the 5 Reasons Why I Steam My Hair:

1. Moist heat helps to raise the hair cuticles; therefore, allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate efficiently and effectively into the cortex of the hair strands for maximum results. 

2. Provides ease in stretching my relaxers as the moist heat softens my new growth melting away dryness, tangles and knots. 

3. Increases overall moisture and hydration levels in my hair decreasing breakage! My hair is no longer dry and thirsty but healthy and hydrated.

4. Promotes a healthy scalp as the moist heat helps to open up my follicles and clean my scalp of any impurities, product build up etc. which can inhibited healthy hair growth. 

5. Increases volume and fullness in my hair! After each use I notice my hair looks thicker and fuller. As the moist heat aids in allowing the deep conditioner to penetrate into the cortex, my strands are hydrated from the inside out.

Do you Steam your hair? If so, how often? What steaming tool do you use?

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