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Friday, July 20, 2018

Summer '18 is in full effect and I'm loving it!! The heat is crazy hot but I'm not complaining one bit because winter is no joke here in Canada! I need to soak up all of this sun ASAP okkkuuurrr!

I've been getting a lot of DMs on Instagram regarding Summer Hair Care Tips and advice for relaxed ladies so I figured I'd share some of my 'tried & true' practices for Summer that have worked for me and my relaxed hair. Check them out below!

1. Fresh Trim - There's nothing like starting the Summer off with trimmed ends free from splits! It's a new season and perfect for a fresh start.  I don't know what it is but during the summer months I notice my hair grows slightly faster in comparison to other months and when I get a trim in the summer my hair grows back to its original length fairly quickly. So a fresh trim is always a good choice!

2. Coat Hair Before Dipping In The Water - I soak my hair in water and then coat it with oil and/or conditioner prior to entering the pool or beach. Why? Well...think of your hair like a sponge, once it's fully wet it's hard to absorb anything else. Too, the silicones and oil will keep the chlorine/salt water from entering into the hair shaft.  

3. Co-washing - My favourite part of my hair routine! All year 'round I co-wash (washing with conditioner) but during the Summer months I tend to throw in an extra co-wash here and there if I notice my hair feeling  e x c e s s i v e l y dry! It's the quickest way to boost your moisture levels and replenish moisture back into the hair. Moisture is definitely the focus during the Summer as the sun can literally suck the life and moisture out of the hair.  Co-washing is Bae!

4. Moisturize and Seal on Demand - I typically moisturize once a day, which seems to be sufficient; however, during the summer months, I moisturize whenever my hair feels dry/rough/crunchy etc.  It's all about combatting dryness and ensuring my hair and ends remain hydrated. Also, the Humectants in my moisturizers pull moisture from the air (especially on humid days) into my hair. I love it. BTW, I'm a huge glycerin fan!

5. Protective Style - As you see in the pic above, I'm rocking a twisted bun with a few hair accessories - just to spice it up a little! The best way for me to keep my hair from drying out from the hot sun is to moisturize it and bun it up so that my ends stay protected. The less manipulation the better. Once my hair is off of my shoulders and back, I'm good-to-go!

6. Deep Conditioning Overnight - Spent all day in the sun and your hair is super dry? Slap on a moisture treatment mixed with your favourite oils (mine are avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil) and apply a plastic cap. Sleep with it in your hair overnight and rinse it out in the AM. Wake up with super soft hydrated hair! I've been doing this for yearsss :)

7. Damp Bunning - An oldie but a goodie! Lightly mist/spritz your dry tresses with water until slightly damp. Then, moisturize and seal then immediately bun your hair with a satin scrunchy or ouches ponytail holder. Moist hair for hoursss!! p.s. I don't get carried away doing this on a daily basis as it can be counterproductive, however, it works like a charm on super dry hair days! See for yourself!!

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