Top Knot Bun + Hair Jewelry Protective Style

Friday, August 31, 2018

Top Knot Bun + Hair Jewelry Protective Style |

Highly requested video is now here!! To all my Hairlistas on IG, this is for you! In this video I'll be sharing with you how I do my top knot bun protective style (on air dried hair) with some hair jewelry to spice it up!

This style is perfect all year round and great for both natural and relaxed hair types.

Product/Tools Mentioned:
- Water
- Stylize "No Snag" Polybands (Clear) (6)
- Bobby Pins (2-3)
- Hair/Loc Jewelry (6)
- Luster's Scurl No Drip Moisturizer
- Jojoba Oil
- ORS Olive Oil Edge Control (infused with Sweet Almond Oil)
- Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil-to-Pomade Treatment

Enjoy & Thanks for watching!

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