10 Facts You May Not Know About My Hair!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

10 Facts You May Not Know About My Hair! | HairliciousInc.com

Different huh? Yeah, I know :)

I thought a topic like this would be fun and different to do, especially hair related. Though I have some super loyal supporters that have been around since day 1, you probably don't know some of the facts I'm about to share. With that said, I thought this would be an interesting way for me to share a few facts for others to gain a little insight about my hair.

Let's get started, shall we?

10 Facts You May Not Know About My Hair:
  1. I have very coarse normal-to-high porosity 4b/c hair type.
  2. Breaking combs and blow dryer comb attachments, while growing up natural, was a VERY common thing for my hair.
  3. My hair dresser relaxed my hair at the tender age of 12, in grade 6.
  4. I rocked jheri curls, pressed hair, relaxed hair, braids, wigs, weave all BEFORE the age of 25.
  5. Relaxing and installing box braids in my hair - all in the SAME DAY - was a normal thing for me back in elementary school!
  6. The shortest my hair has ever been was ear length - after a bad weave!
  7. I started my hair journey TWICE - once in 2006 and then I quickly gave up 3 months later and went back to lace front wigs. I tried again in October 2007 and never looked back.
  8. My hair is natural black (1b) colour. I've never dyed, bleached or highlighted my hair. 
  9. I get single strand knots even though I'm relaxed.
  10. January 2019 will mark 10 years since I've been exclusively using ORS Olive Oil relaxer in my hair! It's more than a staple, it's tradition!
10 Facts You May Not Know About My Hair! | HairliciousInc.com

Which hair fact shocked you the most? Let me know :)

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  1. Hi. The hair fact that shocked me the most was that you restarted your hair journey and that you were ear length. When I get hairenvy, seeing how lush your hair is I forget (even though I've seen the pics) that you started out with damaged hair. Interesting post!!

  2. Most shocking tips were about ear length and restarting your hair journey. Lol @ jheri curl, pretty hard to imagine. I seem to have missed that fad.

  3. Do you feel you get a workout in your arms constantly??

  4. Well these are really amazing facts about hair that one must know, specially for those who have curly hair.

  5. Great post! I am mostly surprised that you've never colored your hair. I have tried jet black and plum rinses back in the day, but I am leary of permanent dye because of fear of damage. For some time now I've REALLY wanted to try honey/chestnut highlights. Why is it that you've never colored your strands? Is it because you never really wanted to, or because of the risk? Thanks!

    1. Oh nice. As for the dye, I didn’t do it because I never felt the need to. Plus it’s risky and I naturally have really dry hair so I don’t want to make my hair even more dry.