Hair Breakage 101 - Protein Deficiency!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Hair Breakage 101 - Protein Deficiency! |

Can't say this ENOUGH: Having healthy balanced hair is key to a successful healthy hair journey!

In a previous blog post, I discussed hair breakage caused by a moisture deficient hair regimen. Experiencing breakage from a low moisture regimen occurs when the hair isn't receiving enough hydration! Having balanced hair is the result of having a healthy moisture/protein balance - which can be tricky to acheive. Hair breakage is typically the result of either a moisture deficiency or protein deficiency. If you missed it, Be sure to check out my post on my 5 Tips to Reverse Moisture Deficient Breakage!

Hair Breakage 101 - Protein Deficiency! |

Now, lack of protein in a hair regimen is equally important. Why? Well, it simply means you are overusing moisture based products i.e. moisturizers, deep conditioners etc. and/or leaving the hair wet/damp for long periods of time frequently without a dose of protein. 

Let's face it, protein in the healthy hair care world tends to get a bad rep. and many often avoid it at ALL costs out of fear of getting "protein overload"! Protein is great for the hair, especially if you are relaxed. Hair is made of protein and it's the only ingredient that really binds to the hair and repairs it from the inside out. Key thing to remember with protein is: Protein must be balanced out with moisture!

Over moisturizing the hair compromises the integrity of the hair structure making the hair feel weak, limp, mushy, and overly stretchy. You'll probably notice excessive thinning and/or shedding of the hair. This is primarily because the hair is weak and the cuticle layers have nothing to bind to. Essentially, the elasticity and porosity of the hair is altered.

Rest assured, protein deficient hair is easy to correct

Think about it, limp, mush, overly stretchy hair requires strength to fortify and reinforce the protein structure of the hair. A strong cuticle structure gives the hair ample defense against manipulation and breakage! <---Remember that!

Protein deficient breakage can be reversed by doing any of the following:

  1. Using a light protein treatment on a consistent basis (followed by a moisturizing deep conditioner for balance).
  2. Using a protein based leave-in conditioner on wash day and then layering it with a moisturizing leave-in for balance - when needed.
  3. Moisturize your hair with a water based moisturizer that contains hydrolyzed proteins for added strength - when needed. 
  4. Using a hardcore protein treatment every 6-8 weeks to strengthen the hair from the inside out.
If you have a low protein regimen and breakage has been an ongoing issue for you, you will definitely need to incorporate one of the tips above to improve the strength in your strands.

Overusing moisture based products or techniques i.e. wet bunning, baggying too often, constantly keeping the hair wet/damp etc. without balancing it with protein on a regular schedule, is a recipe for disaster! Protein fills the cracks along the hair shaft adding structure and strength against breakage as a result of mushy, limp, overly stretchy hair.

How often your hair requires protein really depends on the person, hair type, regimen etc. Start with using a light protein treatment on a monthly basis and see if that helps to strengthen your hair (always follow up with a moisturizing conditioner).

It's important to analyze and listen to your hair! And don't be scared of protein. It plays a vital role in our healthy hair regimens. Giving your hair a regular dose of protein, while balancing it with moisture, will promote a balanced and successful healthy hair journey!

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  1. Would the ors hair mayonnaise count as a light protein treatment that I could use once a month?

    1. Yes, it's a light protein that can be used monthly or biweekly.