I Cut My Relaxed Mid Back Length Hair!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

I Cut My Hair! | Relaxed Hair | www.Hairliciousinc.com

Yes, you read that right!! If you saw my video snippet on IG, then you know what's up!!

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Ever since the beginning of 2019 I've had the urge to do something new and different with my relaxed hair. I'm not going natural any time soon and I've always been "too chicken" to actually colour my hair, so cutting my hair to a shorter length was definitely an option! Mind you, my hair wasn't damaged or thinning, it was in it's healthiest state - but I wanted a something different.

I'd say towards my birthday (end of March) the urge got stronger so I took this whole "hair cutting" situation to my Instagram Stories to get some feedback from my Hairlistas. I wanted to see what they thought about the whole idea of me cutting my hair to the approximate length you see in the photos below: (I don't own these photos, I found them on Pinterest for inspiration)

Many ladies were "for it" and encouraged me to try something different saying "you know your hair so well, if you cut it now it will grow back fast either way", "change is good, go for it", "you're hair will still be gorgeous!" etc. However, there were some that were against it saying "OMG don't cut your hair!!" and EVEN "if you cut your hair I will unfollow you!"...LOL. Yes, it was that serious to some people I guess.

Anyway, the way I see it, it's just hair. I've maintained MBL for almost a decade and experiencing a different length sparked my curiosity. I saw no harm in cutting my hair because, if anything, I could always grow it right back. Case closed.

I Cut My Hair! | Relaxed Hair | www.Hairliciousinc.com

Overall, I want to say I took off maybe 4" inches in length. I'd say I'm Bra strap length now. I adore it!! I also got the hemline of my hair into a "U" shape like I wanted so it hangs in a rounded shape. I didn't want that 'straight across blunt look' anymore. My ends feel great and my hair feels even thicker t & fuller than before. I can still do top knots, low buns, braid outs etc. It's still long enough to do the styles I love. This is a big change for me. But as they say, change is good and it feels great!!

Let me know what you think? Have you cut your hair recently? How are you liking it?

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