2020 is here! Time to ‘Boss Up’ My Hair Care Game!

Monday, January 13, 2020


Happy New Year!! 2020 is here and it’s all about levelling up and getting to those goals - hence my “Boss” hair clip above. 2020 = Time to Boss Up. In 2019, my hair was definitely at its healthiest - which I’m very proud of. I remained consistently consistent with my regimen, kept things simple and as a result I was able to retain a lot of length even though I cut my hair to almost arm pit length. I attribute that success to tried and true practices I’ve implemented over the years and I’ll continue to share those tips and tricks with you. 

In 2019, I found and implemented great products (Olaplex, Creme of Nature Bond Mender etc.) and will continue to use them in my hair regimen. This year I plan to “boss up” my healthy hair care game/journey by sticking to what works (products and methods) of course, perhaps even simplifying a few of my routines but also trying out products that have been on my hair care wish list - I’ll share this list with you later!

As of now, my main focus is set on maintaining the health of my hair, sharing more tips and tricks with you guys, and last but not least...reaching waist length! Yesss girl! Time to Boss up and reach waist length. I’ve always loved and maintained mid back length hair. It’s been my happy place.  But since it’s 2020...why not?! Plus it’s the hubby’s request *wink* LOL. I’ll honour it...it’s the only right thing to do! 

So with that being said, I feel a hair challenge coming on....

Drop a comment and let me know which hair challenge we should kick off? Castor Oil Challenge? Protective style challenge? ...let me know!


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  1. This is so dope! I'm pumped for this

  2. I'm here for it! Castor oil ready

  3. I'm here for it! Castor oil ready

  4. Trying to get my hair to waist length too.

  5. Started following you and your journey a couple of weeks ago. Been reseaching over the past 3 years for ways to regain the health of my hair after experiencing extensive breakage due to an autoimmune condition. Came across your YouTube video where you discuss your hair care regimen and I was impressed. Now that my condition has been stable for the last year my hair is finally starting to regain thickness and a some length. It's been a very slow climb but it's finally happening. So excited to start implenting the tips that have led you to where you are today. Fingers crossed I'll see the same success 😀

  6. Great stuff I’ve already started the Jamaican black castor oil challenge two weeks ago !

  7. love it !! I'm down for whatever challenge , I'm just trying to grown some hair in 2020.