Healthy Relaxed Hair Tips I Swear By! | Relaxed Hair

Monday, February 17, 2020

Healthy Relaxed Hair Tips I Swear By!| | Relaxed Hair

I constantly get asked "How did you get your hair so long?", "What healthy hair tips helped you the most?", "How do you get your relaxed hair to be so healthy?"...these questions have flooded my inbox over the past few months. Unfortunately, there's no "one straight answer" to answer these questions.

To be honest, there's no secret as to how to achieve healthier Relaxed hair. It's all about doing small things repeatedly overtime. All of the tips I share with you have contributed to the health and length of my hair and basically make up most of my hair regimen. Anyways, let's get right into it....

Here are several tips that I swear by to achieve healthier Relaxed hair:
  1. Shampoo and deep condition weekly with a heat source
  2. Add penetrating oils (olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil) to your deep conditioner when possible
  3. Moisturize and seal with oil, daily or every other day, to keep your hair hydrated
  4. Ensure your moisturizer is water based - oils don't moisturize the hair
  5. Cover your hair with a satin scarf and/or bonnet - nightly
  6. Use a t-shirt to dry your hair - not a towel
  7. Use wide tooth combs to comb your hair
  8. Use a Clarifying shampoo monthly to rid your hair of build up
  9. Air dry 90-95% of the time
  10. Prepoo with oil and/or conditioner, prior to shampooing for increased hydration
  11. Utilize protective styles often ie. buns.
  12. Opt for low manipulation styles i.e. braid outs, twist outs etc.
  13. Keep direct heat to a minimum to prevent dryness
  14. Finger detangle hair to remove shed hairs or knots
  15. Detangle with conditioner mixed with water spritzed into the hair using fingers, wide tooth comb etc. to detangle
  16. Keep your moisture/protein balance in check
  17. Keep your scalp clean to promote healthy hair growth
  18. Comb your hair from the ends up to the roots
  19. Trim/dust your ends every 3 months to keep them healthy
  20. Relax every 10-12 weeks or more
  21. Keep your new growth soft and moisturized with a spray moisturizer (ingredient should contain water, glycerin, etc.)
  22. Use Normal strength relaxers to prevent over-processing
  23. Protect your previously relaxed hair with vaseline to prevent overlapping
  24. Baggy your ends after moisturizing, with a plastic cap, when experiencing dryness
  25. Do scalp massages at least once a week to stimulate growth
  26. Eat healthy foods for hair growth i.e. eggs, spinach, salmon, etc.
  27. Listen to your hair
Healthy Relaxed Hair Tips I Swear By! | | Relaxed Hair

As I mentioned before, these tips make up the majority of my healthy hair regimen and have attributed to my length retention over the years. They have helped me in numerous ways and I always recommend these tips. Doing these tips repeatedly, overtime, will allow you to get to your goal. I swear by them - your Relaxed hair will thrive!!


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