3 Reasons Why You Need the Scarf Method When You Air Dry Your Hair! | Relaxed Hair

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

3 Reasons Why You Need the Scarf Method When You Air Dry Your Hair! | Relaxed Hair| www.HairliciousInc.com

So it's wash day, right?! You've already shampooed, deep conditioned, and applied your leave-ins. Now it's time to dry your hair BUT you immediately go into a state of panic! Why? Because the next and healthiest step, is air drying your hair but fear of the unknown kicks in = untamed, puffy hair! *Sigh* Lesson learned, hair should always be guided and controlled as it dries. Rest assured, air drying can be made easy with the help of implementing the Scarf Method! 
Here is the scarf I use:

What exactly is the Scarf Method?

The Scarf Method is a process that involves gently combing your damp hair (setting it the way you want it to dry - with or without a part) and then applying a satin/silk scarf around your hairline after wash day is complete.  Once your hair is completely dry, remove the satin/silk scarf and the end result leaves you with smooth edges and hair! What more could you ask for?!

If you haven't incorporated this method into your wash day regimen, you're truly missing out!

3 Reasons Why You Need the Scarf Method When You Air Dry Your Hair! | Relaxed Hair| www.HairliciousInc.com
Scarf Method on Air Dried Hair

Here are 3 Reasons Why You Need the Scarf Method When You Air Dry!

1. Gives your hair structure while drying!

We all know that air drying is the safest and easiest way to dry your hair. However, air drying can cause the hair to dry with an undesirable 'puffy' look if not properly and carefully prepped beforehand. The purpose of applying a scarf on the hairline, while the hair is damp, is that it forces the hair to dry straight. The hair is smoothed into place, with the help of the scarf, aiming to help flatten your edges and roots. The hair maintains this straight shape until it's time to wash again. Without structure, textured hair can dry with bends and curves in the hair shaft causing tangles and breakage. 

2. Lays your hairline and new growth flat! 

Less manipulation the next day is what I'm all about! This is so essential especially when stretching your relaxers. It really slows the urge to relax before the 10-12 week mark. Using this method, my hair is set for the next day and super manageable. I can easily wear my hair down if I choose, or throw it into a low sleek bun without the use of heavy gels or excessive manipulation. Just a little edge control and I'm good to go! This shaping support when the hair is damp provides guidance for easy styling the following day preventing tangles, breakage and over-manipulation. 

3. Heat free and healthier for the hair!

Heat free? Yes please! Achieving smooth hair without heat exposure is a win/win. This effortless method of achieving straight hair is a game changer! Using direct heat with each wash day can weaken the hair strands and cause damage. Opting for heat-free techniques to flatten and smooth the hair cuticle, is the healthier way to go and your hair will thank you for it in the long run.

*Bonus Air Drying Tip #1 - Prevent Poofy/Frizzy Hair:  

Moisturize and seal with an oil of your choice prior to your hair drying - right before you do the Scarf Method. It's best to apply products while your hair is damp. The products will help smooth the cuticle into a flat orientation to prevent frizz.  

*Bonus Air Drying Tip #2 - Smooth Hair: 

Periodically smoothing the hair with your fingers, as your hair is drying, gives your hair and ends structure to dry straight and smooth. Smoothing the cuticle while your hair is damp prevents your hair from getting overly puffy. 

3 Reasons Why You Need the Scarf Method When You Air Dry Your Hair! | Relaxed Hair| www.HairliciousInc.com
Air Dried Results After Using The Scarf Method

Scarf Method 4 Step Process:

1. After wash day process, apply leave-in conditioner and oil (optional) to damp hair
2. Comb thoroughly and set your hair the way you want it to dry
3. Apply & firmly tie the satin/silk scarf to your hairline
4. Remove scarf once hair is completely dry

The Scarf Method works because the hair is smoothed into place while the hair is wet/damp. This is key! During this state, the hair is most elastic and manageable. Tying the scarf to 'set the hair' in this condition, provides a great environment and foundation for your edges, nape and hair to dry flat without excessive manipulation. 

I get this question all the time: 

"How does your hair dry so straight? My hair dries so poofy?"

The simple answer to that is, I do all the techniques mentioned above. I implemented these steps very early in my hair care journey and never looked back! I swear by it and use it at the end of every wash day whether freshly relaxed or stretching my relaxer. It certainly makes my wash day process effortless with predictable results. 


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