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Sunday, August 30, 2020

How I Moisturize and Seal My Relaxed Hair |

Hey luvs! New video here.

Today I'm sharing with you my updated moisturize and seal routine for my relaxed hair. I've received several requests to do an updated video. I share specific details on how I moisturize and seal effectively and efficiently for maximum moisture and length retention. I show you my products that have helped to lock in moisturize, soften and prevent breakage in relaxed hair. 

Since my last moisturize and seal video, I’ve changed a couple things i.e. the way I section my hair and my moisturizer! I’m using As I Am So Much Moisture Hair Lotion to moisturize and Jojoba oil to seal. These two together are excellent for dry relaxed hair. It’s been in my hair regimen for over a year and it’s quickly become a staple moisturizer. My relaxed hair loves it and I hope this video is useful to anyone who is looking to increase hydration in their relaxed hair.

Thanks for watching!


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